If you from time to time began to notice a habit to make surrounding the brain, you need to understand that it affects you is not the best way. Negative thoughts can ruin your mood, wasting your precious time, do not give in fully to enjoy life, it attract negative events and disrupts the metabolic processes of your body. You must learn to control their thinking.
If you love make the brain themselves, try to spend some actions. During the day, write down all your negative thoughts on a piece of paper. Here you can get negative emotions that you experience when communicating with others, obsession and other nonsense cluttering up your mind. Describing your negative, you will gradually be freed from his thoughts.
To keep track of all thoughts that come to your mind will learn not to look far into the future. Focus only on the present, on today. All your initiatives and actions must be deliberate. Any negative distraction will be perceived as excessive experience.
If you take out the brain is not yourself, and your loved one, just look at any situation affecting you mood, on the other hand. Imagine his tantrums you have brought to the relationship. Think about what you will feel if a loved one will not be able to accept your behavior and will go away from you. It's just not there. If you can be aware of the proximity of the losses, you will hardly want to repeat their mistakes.
Another point that will help you to stop to make the brain of other people - splash of emotions in another direction. If you're angry and I understand that at any moment can snap, better not say anything. Get away from the conversation with your interlocutor, and it is better to take care of household chores. Cleaning, cooking - all can distract you. Remember that active recreation and physical activity also help release negative energy and allow you to deal with stress.
In some cases, people start taking each other's brain when they subconsciously realize that the relationship is at an impasse and the next is not the man who was supposed to accompany them throughout life. From the quarrels, depression and confusion. If the cause of the behavior lies precisely in this, to help you, unfortunately, only separation.