Very often the pain occurs due to excessive load on the brush. Especially often this problem occurs for those who have a lot of work at the computer to: print, move the mouse, keeping the handsat the weight. So from time to time it is necessary to give an opportunity to relax handam interrupting the work. Useful warm up the fingers, hands. Also try to choose the most comfortable position for brushes of hands. Try to get them hung in the air, straining to smooth the surface of the table served as their support. Watch how you are sitting at your work place – the spine should not be bent (correct posture also affects the condition of the hands).There are pathologies that cause joint pain. The most common is arthritis and osteoarthritis. The first disease of the joints not only hurt, but also become inflamed, swell, redden. If the cause is bacteria, greatly increases the temperature, and rheumatoid arthritis together with the brushes of the hands are affected and other joints. And inflammation is often symmetric in nature (if ill left little finger, the same fate will comprehend and right). In osteoarthritis the joints destroyred and gradually degenerates due to the destruction of articular cartilage. Usually with pain in the joints of the hand feels numb, stiffness in the morning (like on the handsfrom wearing tight glove). Over time, the brush is deformed, the muscles, the skin stiffen, become thinner, the fingers lose the ability to perform minor work. Sometimes, pain in the joints of the hands causes gout (deposition of uric acid). The skin over the inflammation is red, there is burning sensation, fever. The pain is unbearable, suddenly beginning and as suddenly disappearing. Gout often affects the big toes, their joints, but may be raised and the brush of hands.When the pain in the joints as soon as possible to consult a specialist. Timely diagnosis and correctly prescribed treatment will help to ease the disease and avoid complications.