The causes of this symptom, which is called by the term "spinning" the joints can be different. It is a neurological disease or rheumatoid arthritis, and anemia. Often to solve this problem using medicines, allowing you to relax muscles. Sometimes the reason for this feeling lies in a defeat of the joints, more precisely, in the presence of deforming arthrosis. In common, this disease is known as "calcination".

Metabolic and infectious arthritis causes concerned about human discomfort when twisting the feet. This could be caused by vascular lesions, in particular, because of their atherosclerosis, varicose veins.

Methods of treatment

However, what were not the causes, all the patients, experts recommend first of all to pay close attention to intake of calcium. When the problem is still in the vessels - treatment is based on drugs that expand the blood vessels and also must pass the physiotherapy sessions. Especially useful are warm coniferous bath.

Effectively help such treatments before bed. This method helps virtually all. Limbs that will efficiently warm the evening, it will not be able to disturb the man. They will become relaxed, nerve impulses would not cause the desire to change posture. However, hot baths are contraindicated, as overheating in this case is also undesirable. When patients have problems with joints, the doctors absolutely forbid the use of warm baths.

Home treatments

In this case, it is only shown anti-inflammatory remedies, and also dry heat. Some sick people can help a contrast shower before bed for the feet. Can also relax feet massage that you can perform with the special cream. Especially useful cream based on horse chestnut. Need to be sure to massage the knee and foot, Shin. The result of this action improves blood circulation.

When the legs greatly suffer a lot, then it is possible to relieve discomfort to use for rubbing the mixture with olive oil and salt. This rubbing is prepared in the following way. You need to take one teaspoon of salt and one Cup of olive oil, all stir well so the salt is fully dissolved.

Among the medical drugs are perfectly calm legs means "Madopar" and "NAC".