One of the most common causes of poor print printer are ink. As practice shows, only a few ink manufacturers can boast of their high quality. So before you buy, read the recommendations, opinions of users, sales consultants and make their own conclusions. One of the reliable manufacturers is ink Tec Inc. Poor printing quality of the printer can also be connected with the cartridges ability to refuel. The problem here arises from the design and quality of this item. In some models made this design that is impossible to get normal print quality. And if quality problems only when the output of one of the colors in a color printer, carefully inspect the cartridge for damage, through which may leak air. Check tight fit of all tubes, and the absence of burrs from the casting, there where touches the cartridge and printhead. Try swapping the cartridges. Also poor printing quality of the printer may occur due to clogging of the printhead. The problem could be the clogging of the nozzle heads and filter grids nozzles for receiving ink. Causes of clogging can be the following: ink may dry in the nozzles due to the long downtime. In this case, use the "cleaning the print nozzles the print cartridge". It can help only in the case where the printer sat idle for about a month. Also the ink can be "curtailed", if you use a mixture of different types of pigments. This cannot be done, and how to mix inks, which are produced by different manufacturers, as after this manipulation, the printer prints poorly. If you are going to go to the ink from another manufacturer, before filling, flush the printhead and the ink or change the ink before you print a large number of documents. Then the old ink can be washed out of the head due to the intense influx of new. Thus, you will avoid the problems of the mixture ink. Also, there are low-quality ink that contain small litter, clogging the filter mesh.