You will need
  • Drivers for your printer.
If you see misaligned vertical lines on the paper, adjust the print head of the printer. To get started, install the latest version of the software. Visit the printer manufacturer's website: This is the driver download page. Fill in the table and try the suggested software.
Restart the computer and click "start". Go to "Printers and faxes". Now locate the name of your printer and click on it twice with the left mouse button. In the window that appears, open the tab Maintenance. Look for Print Head Alignment, and then open it.
Insert a blank A4 sheet of paper in the drive of the printer and press the Start button. Wait until the device completes the desired operations. Restart the printer by unplugging it from AC power or pressing the desired key. Check the quality of work of the printing device.
Access the printer settings can be obtained with the help of a program intended to control this equipment. After starting the program, select "Utilities" and select "Align print heads".
In that case, if the program threw an error when I try to execute the running process, turn off the printer and remove the cartridge. Install it back and try again. If you work with reusable cartridge, try to replace it with a new counterpart. Despite the long service life of these components, they will sooner or later fail.