Sometimes this problem can be solved independently. Let's see in which case the printer do not have to go to repair shop.

Check whether your printer into the power outlet. Yes, it is - rearranged the printer, or just had to free the socket for another device, but the printer may be corny unplugged. Then check whether the printer itself (a model must be not only plugged in, but given the state of readiness of the special switch on the housing). If the printer is connected to power and turned on, it needs a little noise and again "silence" (self-test).

View if the printer is connected with computer with a special cord. By the way, if the cord of one of the parties is not fully inserted (no full contact of the connectors, the printer to print will not.

The printer may hang. In this case you should turn off the printer, pull the power cord and wait at least a minute. Then turn on the device and try to print a document.

Check whether the printer you sent the print job. Your printer should be installed by default as the primary. You can check this in the settings of the OS.

The printer may not print because over the paint (toner). In this case, of course, you have to buy a new cartridge or take available to fill. Incidentally, there are filler sets, with the dressing of some models of cartridges you can cope on your own.

Does not print printer and when not set or "flew" driver (a special program that controls the operation of this useful tool). The driver is on the CD which is included with each new printer, so that can be reinstalled independently. Also driver you can find on the Internet.