Zazhevyvaya directly related to the paper

To solve this problem, you must first pay attention to paper. Perhaps the angle of the sheet was folded or the paper was not located exactly. For the most part, this is what causes zazhevyvaya. In addition, the use of low quality paper or paper with too much thickness and density can lead to these consequences.

There is another scenario - if the printer owner forgot to remove the bracket from the staple or detach the clip and started printing. Such a foreign object can very much ruin the device itself, so before you insert paper in the printer you want to make sure that there are no foreign objects that could interfere with the printout, and check whether the paper is installed.

Quite often what happens is that the owners of the printer put too big a stack of paper. In this regard, the printer does not work well to seize the sheet, and this can cause zazhevyvaya.

The problem is in the printer

If any problems with the paper were found, then most likely the problem lies directly in the printer. Most often what happens is that the feeder and pull the paper set in the printer becomes loose. Therefore, the paper zazhevyvaya. Also the problem may be related to contamination of the rollers to grip the paper. This may occur, for example, in connection with the use of low-quality paper fibers that remain on the rollers or from the paper. To clarify and resolve this issue, the owner should open the printer cover and clean the paper rollers.

In addition, such a problem can be directly related to the fact that some mechanical part of the printer overheat. This can happen if the owner of the printer carries out printing of a large amount of text. To solve this problem quite easily - just print in small batches.

If the paper is stuck in the printer, or it its jammed, it is not necessary to sharply pull it toward you, as such actions can cause different damage mechanism. The paper is required to pull out of the printer carefully and slowly, and in that case, if it is not, then you may make a little more effort. No need to pull out a sheet of paper with foreign objects, as they too can harm the mechanism of this peripheral device.