Reasons why the printer may print the stripes can be more. To understand what is the problem and how to resolve it, you should start with the most simple. Later, you will gradually find the damage and deal with it.

Cleaning with

First, it follows from FOR the printer to run the program clean the nozzles. It is impossible to single out one sequence of actions, since for each model of printer, this option is often referred to in different ways. However, the cleanup must be run programmatically, then you will need to wait and follow all instructions. Once the procedure is over, you need to print out a test page. Usually this is enough that the problem disappeared.


If the above steps do not help, then most likely the print cartridge is out of ink and must be refilled. In this case, you should find instructions on how to do it, to your printer, as the model is different and requires an individual approach. Then it will print a test page and see if the problem is solved.

Head and nozzle

Sometimes the cartridge prints in strips because it was badly clogged nozzle or defective head. In any case, you will need to disassemble the cartridge and troubleshoot. In this case also need the instruction manual for the particular model. It is important to know that this should be done periodically, then the problem will not arise.

Because ink, are on sale in most cases lose the original. As a result, they clog the nozzle of the cartridge and wither. If cleaning does not help, then the problem is in the printhead. In this case, you will need to carry the printer in service center, because their own forces are not enough.

Shaft and a thermofilm

If the black bars are located in one place, you should pull the cartridge and inspect the shaft. He is deformed and this leads to such results. Also, the problem may be because of hitting him with a foreign object, removing which will be able to get rid of the stripes.

In addition, the reason for such a printer can be a thermo. Perhaps it was damaged, in this case it is recommended to replace the cartridge for a new one. Removing the cartridge from the printer, see if it wakes up from the toner. It is possible to define your own. Should I pull the cartridge and shake it. If the problem was this, the hands will be stained with black paint. Here you need to replace the cartridge, so as to do something is unlikely.