You will need
  • liquid for washing of glasses;
  • Vata;
  • - disposable syringes 10-20 ml;
  • paper napkins;
  • plastic form with a tight fitting lid.
Go to the hardware store and buy a liquid glass cleaner that contains ammonia. At the pharmacy, purchase a wool, disposable syringes 10-20 ml and paper napkins. You will also need a plastic form with a tight fitting lid. It may be a food container. You can buy one at any supermarket. All this is necessary to soak the head of your printer.
Remove the print head from the carriage of the printer and remove the remnants of the old ink. For these purposes, use toilet paper or napkins. To clean you need to until the paper no longer comes up traces of ink. Then take a new cloth and DAB it in the liquid for clearing of glasses. Wipe with your napkin the print head of the printer. Try not to push.
Hold the syringe. Type in a the same liquid and at some distance from the head, rinse hard to reach places, where still remains ink. After this again wipe the head dipped in a liquid for washing Windows with a cloth. If the head is removable cartridges, close the intake fittings with cotton wool, moisten it in liquid.
Take a plastic container to soak the head of the printer. Put the head in the container with the nozzles down and pour the warm liquid for washing of glasses. The fluid level should be on a few mm higher than the nozzle head. Close the container lid. Leave for a day.
Open the form. Remove the printheads. Again repeat all the actions described above. Again put the head in the liquid for a day. Then check the printheads on willingness to work - swipe them with a clean dry cloth. If ink does not remain, so head soak and ready to work. Clean them from dust. Remove the wool from fence fittings. Refill cartridge and install in the printer.