Advice 1: Why does the throat itch

Once the human body gets an infection, it starts to signal, to warn the owner of impending danger. Quite often the symptom of an emergency illness is a sore throat. To understand the true reason why his throat is itchy, you need to visit an experienced physician.
Why does the throat itch
In most cases, sore throat is accompanied by pain, cough, runny nose and high temperature. This means that a respiratory infection was the cause of inflammatory processes in the throat. To help to cope with this otolaryngologist.Also the throat may itch after an illness. In particular, this unpleasant feeling occurs after a cold or flu when developing pharyngitis, tonsillitis or sore throat. In addition, you may experience slight pain when swallowing. Often the throat is itching even in the absence of high temperature. In this case we are talking about chronic pharyngitis. To get rid of the sore, it is enough to strengthen your body in General. For example, the perfect remedy is gargling solutions and infusions of chamomile and sage, the resorption of special tablets ("Strepsils", "Minton", "Septolete", "Allergy") etc. If you want to the throat stopped itching, refrain from cigarettes, alcohol, salty and spicy food. All these products can irritate the mucosa, causing irritation. Do not forget to drink plenty of liquids: tea, juice, juice, herbal settings and stuff.In addition, the sore throat may be associated with various pathologies of the thyroid gland, the gastrointestinal tract, the autonomic nervous system and the cervical spine. In this case, you can also feel the presence of some foreign object in the throat. Such a condition doctors call haringhata. You can deal with it only asking for help from specialists (endocrinologist, neurologist, gastroenterologist, etc.).Pay close attention to their health. Otherwise, a sore throat can develop into more serious problems associated with the lower respiratory tract. Under attack may be bronchi, trachea, lungs, and other organs.

Advice 2: Sore throat can be a symptom of many diseases

Sore throat is an extremely unpleasant symptom, which usually begins suddenly, sometimes accompanied by cough. Causes of sore can be a lot and some are quite serious. Therefore, in any case it is not necessary to postpone visiting the doctor. The faster it turns out the cause of unpleasant symptoms, the sooner you will be able to get rid of it.
Sore throat can be a symptom of many diseases

About the sore throat

The sore is a protective response of the mucosa of the throat is often a sign of inflammation. Most often in the core of this process is an infectious disease. You should always pay attention to accompanying symptoms. If sore throat is accompanied by cough, runny nose, fever, muscle pain, it is quite clear that the cause was infection. In this case it is better to call the doctor on duty at home and to take sick leave or a certificate.

To determine the true cause of this unpleasant symptom can only be the doctor-the otolaryngologist. Therefore, if the throat hurts for a long time and is not associated with seasonal epidemics of colds and flu, be sure to consult a specialist.

Causes of sore throat

Most often the sore throat is seen in chronic or acute pharyngitis, nasopharyngitis, infection. It is very important to timely and correctly diagnose the disease since the infection can go lower in the bronchi, trachea, lungs. And then to cope with it will be much more difficult.

But not always, infectious diseases cause sore throat. It can also be an allergic reaction. Especially if the patient has hypersensitivity to dust, pollen.

Or sore can be a symptom of neurosis throats. Most often this disease are neuropsychiatric disorders. But often a brain tumor or even syphilis. Neuroses of the pharynx may accompany such symptoms are: increased sensitivity of this zone, anaesthesia of the mucous membrane of the pharynx, the incessant feeling of "lump in throat", pressure, pain, which are reflected in the larynx, tongue, ear.

Well as the throat can have a strong impact professional conditions. For example, when working in a dusty environment, at a constant load voice can be a sore throat.

Another reason for the unpleasant symptoms can be reflux gastroesophageal. This disease is associated with impaired closing function of the lower esophageal sphincter. It is shown that the acidic contents of the stomach coming back up into the esophagus, and as a result irritate. Pain and burning sensation throughout the esophagus and also a sore throat.

Also provoke unpleasant symptom can nodules in the thyroid gland, if large enough and positioned so that pressure on the trachea. This can manifest itself also in the change of voice, loss of appetite, the appearance of weakness.

Advice 3: Why sore throat when swallowing

A sore throat can bring a lot of discomfort. However, before you start treatment, you need to understand the cause of this pain. In any case, you should consult with your doctor.
Why sore throat when swallowing

Causes of pain in the throat

If it was painful to swallow, it is better to consult a doctor. Most often this pain is a consequence of the effects of bacteria and viruses that are actively developing angina. Strep throat may be accompanied by fever and inflammation of the lymph nodes.
Angina, in turn, may have complications, more commonly called a peritonsillar abscess. Pain when this condition is especially acute. The patient may experience weakness, headache, high temperature.

If the pain is small, this may indicate inflammation of the larynx or mucous membranes. If a tickle in my throat and there are unpleasant sensations, it is the most common signs of pharyngitis. Almost always ARD (acute respiratory disease) and ARVI (acute respiratory viral infection accompanied by a sore throat.

It should be remembered that the symptoms for pain in the throat very similar in different diseases, in addition they can be combined with each other. So it is often to correctly determine the cause of pain when swallowing without the help of a doctor is impossible.

Scarlet fever, whooping cough, measles – all of these typical childhood diseases are often accompanied by pain in the upper respiratory tract.

Pain on swallowing caused by a variety of other diseases. It can be:

• Pollution. The respiratory tract can irritate the alcohol, tobacco smoke, General air pollution. Because of this irritation, cough.
• Allergies.
• Infectious diseases. Nasal congestion is almost always accompanied by disease of the throat.
• Dry air. Enough moist air can cause throat irritation and dryness, especially in the morning.
• Growths and tumors on the tongue, the larynx and throat. All of this can make breathing and, as a result, cause a very unpleasant sensation when swallowing.

Pain in the throat when swallowing is better not to treat yourself. Now, of course, in pharmacies you can find a lot of drugs. Self-treatment of sore throat can only hurt, and a slight inflammation may develop into a disease with complications.

The fact that only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis, knowing the symptoms. It will determine not only the cause of pain in the throat, but also the form and nature of the disease, the degree of its severity. Your choice of medication can only provide temporary relief without addressing the the cause of the pain. When choosing any drugs, you must also take into account contraindications, which the doctor needs to know.

Sore throat: complications

We often don't pay enough attention to the sore throat and go to the doctor only in the most emergency situations. It should be remembered that complications can be much more dangerous.
SARS or ARI was sick almost any. Sore throat in these diseases can develop into pneumonia in case of insufficient treatment.
After acute respiratory illness many suffer from bronchitis. It can be manifested immediately, but it is also a consequence goes untreated throat.
Even the most mild sore throat can turn into dangerous complications. Especially dangerous is the disease for the heart.

Advice 4: How to teach the child to gargle

Gargling is one of the methods of treatment of diseases of the tonsils. Irrigating the mucous membranes medicinal solutions, you kill bacteria, reduce inflammation. Children should be taught to gargle the throat patiently and playfully.
How to teach the child to gargle
Start with rinsing the mouth. The child swallowed the water that falls into his mouth, but if you show how you can produce a trickle of water, then the child will be interested and will try to repeat. Explain to your child that you rinse your mouth after eating is necessary, not to hurt the teeth.
At first accustom him to the fact that the throat should be clean – try to irrigate mucous membranes with a spray bottle or a small medical bag. Tilt the baby over the bathtub (to keep the water from his mouth trickled down), ask to open your mouth and water cavity with plain water, trying to turn the tool so that the water reached the tonsils. If the child is not pronounced gag reflex, then the procedure will not cause him much discomfort, and gradually you can go directly to the self-gargling. If the baby reflex squeezes the throat, this method is better not to use – try rinsing the throat immediately, standing and tilting the head back.
Begin to teach the child to rinse throat with clean boiled water, because even if he swallows a little, it will not be scary. Gradually, when the baby learns to control its movements, you can try to rinse a throat medicinal solutions, to swallow, which is undesirable.
Tell your child a story about how cock choked on bean seed. Show, like a rooster trying to get the seed by typing in the mouth water and poburka it. The first time, the child will fail, but if you practice every day, gradually he will understand how to gurgle water.
Use the various games to show your child how to rinse the neck, why it is important and necessary. Show dolls and toys, how to heal the throat, instalirajte disease in different characters, play doctor. Rinse your throat themselves, showing the child an example. Involve other family members – let dad, grandma or grandpa turns to show how to perform the procedure. Don't forget to ask the kid, so he can say the letter "a" and stretched it as long as possible during rinsing. Repeat along with him, the child is not distracted, otherwise he might choke and get scared that it will reinforce a negative attitude to the rinse.

Advice 5: How to reduce pain in the throat

Causes of sore throat can be many, such as the common cold or a strain of ligaments. Regardless of why you have a sore throat, this pain must be addressed. However, immediately to go to the doctors is not necessary. In some cases, to get rid of sore throat you can own.
How to reduce pain in the throat
One of the most effective drugs against pain in the throat are anti-inflammatory drugs. Such medications should be in every home medicine Cabinet. Anti-inflammatory pills have the effect of analgesia, relieve inflammation, and reduce swelling, often accompanying severe pain.
If the cause of sore throat is a bacterial infection, your doctor may prescribe special antibiotics. They will help quickly get rid of the pain. However, antibiotics with pain caused by viruses are virtually useless.
A good way to reduce throat swelling and get rid of mucus, bacteria and other irritants is a daily gargle with warm salt water. To prepare the solution dilute a teaspoon of salt in glass of warm water. If the taste of salt is unpleasant to you, the water can be sweetened using a small amount of honey. The water which you gargle, you need to get rid of it, in any case do not swallow it.
To reduce pain in the throat, it is sometimes necessary to retain moisture. You can use cough drops, they stimulate increased salivation. Choose these tools carefully, many of them indistinguishable from conventional caramel candies and not have a curative effect. Try to choose the candies with the taste of menthol or eucalyptus. A similar effect can be found in many throat sprays, they contain different antiseptics, which help to dull the pain.
If you have a sore throat, prevent dehydration. Drink enough water to keep their mucous membranes moist and to give the body a greater capacity to combat bacteria, allergens and other irritants that cause colds. Drink herbal teas, they help to quickly relieve sore throat. In addition, tea contains antioxidants that help to strengthen the immune system and effectively fight off infections.
Quite an effective remedy against sore throat is chicken soup. The sodium in the broth also has anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, pain in the throat eating soups is easier than the consumption of solid foods causing a sharp pain when swallowing.
To fight the infection causing sore throat, you need to devote sufficient time to rest. The vast majority of cases, diseases such as angina, caused by viruses. To cure such diseases quickly is impossible, so give your body a chance to gain strength to fight them.
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