In most cases, sore throat is accompanied by pain, cough, runny nose and high temperature. This means that a respiratory infection was the cause of inflammatory processes in the throat. To help to cope with this otolaryngologist.Also the throat may itch after an illness. In particular, this unpleasant feeling occurs after a cold or flu when developing pharyngitis, tonsillitis or sore throat. In addition, you may experience slight pain when swallowing. Often the throat is itching even in the absence of high temperature. In this case we are talking about chronic pharyngitis. To get rid of the sore, it is enough to strengthen your body in General. For example, the perfect remedy is gargling solutions and infusions of chamomile and sage, the resorption of special tablets ("Strepsils", "Minton", "Septolete", "Allergy") etc. If you want to the throat stopped itching, refrain from cigarettes, alcohol, salty and spicy food. All these products can irritate the mucosa, causing irritation. Do not forget to drink plenty of liquids: tea, juice, juice, herbal settings and stuff.In addition, the sore throat may be associated with various pathologies of the thyroid gland, the gastrointestinal tract, the autonomic nervous system and the cervical spine. In this case, you can also feel the presence of some foreign object in the throat. Such a condition doctors call haringhata. You can deal with it only asking for help from specialists (endocrinologist, neurologist, gastroenterologist, etc.).Pay close attention to their health. Otherwise, a sore throat can develop into more serious problems associated with the lower respiratory tract. Under attack may be bronchi, trachea, lungs, and other organs.