You will need
  • Antibiotics (on prescription), warm tea with honey, extracts of medicinal herbs (calendula, chamomile, mother and stepmother, oak bark and sage), furatsilin, vitamins, warming means.
In winter the frequency of colds increases markedly. Of course, some of it bypasses, but, nevertheless, any of us knows what a sore throat. However, not everyone has this condition becomes chronic. If you Wake up every morning with sore throat and inability to speak normally, be wary - you could have tonsillitis, laryngitis or pharyngitis.
Tonsillitis is divided into chronic and acute. At acute tonsillitis refers to an ordinary sore throat which passes quickly in the appointment of inhalations, antibiotics, bed rest. Such angina are every third with hypothermia and ingestion of the pathogen in the nasopharynx. But what to do in case your tonsillitis is chronic?
Chronic tonsillitis is an inflammation of the tonsils. This type of tonsillitis often occurs after a sore throat, the treatment of which is interrupted prematurely, re-OCR, difficult nasal breathing, sinusitis, and dental caries. Symptoms of chronic tonsillitis are lethargy, headache, sore throat and temperature is between 37 to 37.5 degree. However, some chronic tonsillitis is generally asymptomatic and unnoticed. However, at survey LOR-the doctor can see the inflammation of the tonsils. In this case, is assigned a lavage of tonsils pus, physiotherapy and inhalation. Treatment of chronic tonsillitis - conservative, including medication, inhalation and lavage of lacunas of almond. In addition, patients with chronic tonsillitis should be every morning to cool off, to toughen up and take your vitamins. During exacerbations of the disease should drink chamomile tea, brew sage and mother-and -stepmother.
If antibiotics and inhalers do not help, and angina are protracted resort to surgery to remove the tonsils. If the operation to be done on time, in a patient with tonsillitis may have complications on heart, vessels and kidneys.
Laryngitis - inflammation of the throat associated with colds or any infection. As tonsillitis, laryngitis can be acute and chronic. However, unlike tonsillitis, laryngitis is strong and hoarse, even loss of voice. Acute laryngitis occurs when you drink cold water or when stretching the vocal cords in Opera singers. Also laryngitis develops in smokers. If not treated acute laryngitis, it can become chronic. Treatment of acute laryngitis starts with a proper diet, limit spicy, salty food, cold and hot drinks. Prohibited the use of alcohol, tobacco. Treat laryngitis with warm milk, strong tea with lemon and sage. The doctor prescribes a cough medicine or a special tea. Feet during the period of illness must be warm. On the street in wet weather to come should not be. Working in hazardous industries should take sick leave. If acute laryngitis passed into the chronic, the areas of the mucous membrane of the throat cauterize with silver nitrate. In extreme cases, surgery may be needed.
Pharyngitis is a disease of viral etiology. Most of the pharyngitis is caused streptoccal and stafilokokkove affecting the larynx.
Symptoms of pharyngitis are sore throat, pain when swallowing and a strong cough. Chronic pharyngitis develops on the basis of diseases of internal organs, permanent respiratory diseases and sore throats. Same as laryngitis, pharyngitis is appointed plentiful drink warm tea and foot bath. In chronic forms of pharyngitis can rinse your throat with furatsilina, table salt, borax solution, and the mucous membrane is smeared with nitrate of silver, solution of collargol or Iodinol. Prescribed physical therapy, and drink infusions of medicinal herbs: sage, oak bark, chamomile and calendula.
The first step in treating any sore throat is daily gargling, warming the upper and lower extremities and drink hot tea with honey before sleep, taking antiseptic agents. You should also wrap up and dress for the night a head scarf.