Everyone has secrets, the circumstances of life in which you would not dedicate to random people, and just unpleasant topics that I would not like to discuss. If your life is curiosity and the interest of others, it does not mean that you are required to disclose in front of their soul.

"Why don't you bear a child?" "Are you getting divorced?", "I got married yet?", "Married her?", "And you have her (him) something to eat?" - these and similar questions often spoil the mood and cause a desire to end the conversation, and then to sink into the ground. You need to go on about the other person - and after a few minutes you will begin to regret that the conversation took the form of discussion of your personal life. In addition, often this forced honesty becomes an occasion for gossip.

In such cases, you should not be embarrassed. It is necessary to clearly define the boundaries. for which the interlocutor is not to go and give it to be clearly understood.

Rude questions people ask, following different reasons. We can always feel in the question of the interlocutor - he does it out of stupidity or desire to ask an uncomfortable question lies envy, gloating, treacherous intent. Based on this, you should choose a line of behavior in which everything you say companion, it will never be used against you. In other words, you should be prepared for such a situation to not climb his words.

If you are in General sincere, and asked naively (or rather stupidity), gently enough to put him in his place. Here clearly triggered reproachful blank stare and a short "why you... to ask such questions". If the relationship of trust, you can say: "do Not be sad about", "It's complicated". You can easily notice that you do not want at this time to discuss interesting interlocutor and topic. The main thing - not to give the other person to cling to the awkward moment and seamlessly translate the conversation to something neutral.

If you find one that asks about your personal life, holding a stone in his bosom, unable to respond more boldly. "But where such interest to my modest person"? Or: "You want to talk about it? I think we have a similar problem?"

If the question put you in an awkward situation, try skillfully to return the stone in your garden" - to answer a question with a question. "And you dumped your boyfriend?", "You care about my personal life?" "You like to keep candles in all bedrooms or only in mine?", "And what, pry into other people's business to you in the order of things?" - this wording will knock sassy companion confused and stumped. Be not afraid of own of voice - this works flawlessly, and in the future you will protect yourself from unpleasant curiosity. It is important to maintain the icy calm and give the face expression mocking irony. As the saying goes, smile, people, it's insanely annoying!

If the person is behaving arrogantly, can say: "I will report about my press conference when I find time for it. While you write down all the questions on the paper, prepare for this event." However, if your interlocutor is unpleasant, you can sincerely smile and looking straight in the eye, confidently tell: "I certainly don't want to offend you, but this is my damn business".

The main thing - not to submit mind that you hit an awkward question. Smile, laugh, turn on your wits at full capacity. Your sense of humor will enchant those who treat you sincerely, and gossips and detractors scare for a long time.