A vague answer. If the question is unpleasant to you, you have the right not to answer it. But we cannot limit ourselves to pause. Be smart about it. You can answer the question lengthy.

For example: - How much is your husband making?

- His average salary, but we have enough.

For a question with a question. Another original way of cultural "kicked" the curious companion is to answer the question. Only it is desirable to discuss a question-answer in a nonchalant way, with a slight sarcasm.

For example: - Where you third child to give birth?

- You are worried about that?

(or You want to help us in education?)

Include natural artistry. If the question of the interlocutor deeply hurts your feelings, turn their anger in a comic direction: roll eyes, raise eyebrows and plaintive tone ask them to talk about something else. Or playfully say, "Mmm... Next question!".

Veer. If you do not want to devote the interlocutor in the coffers of your soul, start the answer from afar, monotonous and unnecessary detail.

For example: - When are you getting married?

- Horoscope, when Venus will pass in my sign of the zodiac on the fifth lunar day,...

Universal answer. With the most annoying companions need a little audacity and directness.

For example: As you skillfully ask the incorrect questions! Teach me?

Do you want to talk about it? But I'm not.

Sorry, but I can't answer you this question because it is none of your business.