First of all, try to get rid of stress and tension. If you calm down, when I cry, give way to tears. If to cope with stress helps you sport – go to the gym.
Shut off from the situation. Sit back and think. Look at the situation from the outside and really evaluate why it happened. No need to burden yourself with guilt. If a man cheated it does not mean that you are to blame.
Determine what the cause of infidelity. If a man has a penchant for Affairs on the side? If a loved one cheated on you by accident and have repented, you decide to believe him and forgive or to check the accuracy of his words. The reason change often lies in the attenuation relations. Perhaps your partner simply is not enough variety in sex life, and so he searched for it on the side.
Pull yourself together. No need to make loud scenes. This behavior is justified only in one case, when you clearly decided to end the relationship. Do not challenge the man with questions – anything you don't recognize. Courageously accept the fact of cooling in relations, realize their mistakes and think about whether you can change something.
Discuss the situation with your partner. Despite the gravity of this conversation, it is simply necessary. Remain calm and speak confidently. Let favorite feel that he can trust you. Ask about his plans if he wants to keep the relationship going or to end it now.
Take time out for one week. That's how much time a man needs to realize his fault and to understand how it is bad without you. Take a trip somewhere. There you will be able to rethink what to do next.
Remember that you are an attractive woman. Go shopping, visit beauty salon. Treat yourself to a new hairstyle and fashionable outfits! Men don't change beautiful, well-groomed and clever women with whom they are happy. Add in relationships positive, make them interesting and harmonious.
If your partner has fallen for another woman and wants to be with her, let him go. As painful and frustrating as you may be. No need to blackmail the man let him be happy. And start looking for a new companion.
If you believe that you still love and the cheating men casual, can forgive him and forget everything. Now it is important to work together to survive the effects of infidelity. This will help you to bring relations to a new level.
Spend as much time as possible together. Be interested in his Affairs. Get with a partner of the new joint customs and traditions. Amaze it. Then he no longer will wish to find someone on the side.
The main rule: if you forgive, does not need to constantly think about cheating. Everything should look as if nothing had happened.