As a rule, the betrayer is in full confidence that he has the situation under control. Trying to hide from the wife, the mistress, and the lady on the side says that the house problems and now is not the time for divorce.

When a cheating husband does not want to go to his mistress, the woman herself can decide the fate of the family.

Try to keep a man

It's hard to be with her husband, when he could love another, but sometimes feelings change. In this case, you need to make an effort to convince my husband to stay in the family. Don't need this evening to say, first prepare the soil.

Think about your relationship and try to understand the reasons for his infidelities. Just so a man will not go to treason, so he doesn't like something or not enough in the family. Reasons for which you may have a neglected appearance, bad temper, problems in intimate life, poor housekeeping etc.
Treason to blame, as a rule, both spouses. But in your power to work on your mistakes.

Try to do everything to make him comfortable at home. Create a home where the woman faded into the background. After a week of a good relationship you can move on to talking about the future.

Discuss the situation. Do not use blackmail, threats to not go to the Creek and continuous accusations. Tell him that you know about his mistress, and I understand that she came because of problems in the family. Offer to work together on the relationship and keep the family together. Discuss the situation so that in the end it was clear – either you or the mistress, but do not place directly an ultimatum.


But if you don't want to live with a traitor, you need to break up with him. It must be done without unnecessary scandals and squabbles. But only if you are confident of his infidelity and his decision.
Take a break not to do anything stupid on emotions. Consider the situation and make the final decision, because after he left, your life will change.

Reassured, it is possible to consider how you will tell him about the breakup. Every action must be calculated. Most likely, the husband will deny your infidelity, will accuse you, so it's best to have evidence or iron stance.

After the conversation say that you don't want to live with a traitor. If your apartment, you can pre-gather his things and put near the door. But from a shared apartment to kick him will not be so easy, although you can offer him to go to sleep to his mistress.