Calm down and get rid of thoughts that call you to take revenge and do something bad to his former man. Think about what it won't bring back you loved one. Try to accept the fact that your sweetheart marries another girl and learn to live happily without him.
It is not necessary for him to be sad and depressed, because he totally deserves it. To conceal resentment or anger at him is completely pointless, and that you will make only worse to yourself.
Try to forget about it, once and for all remove it from your life. Come on the flow of tears. You need to gather strength, to put himself in order and make a new life.
Think about all the good, wish the beloved happiness and release. Don't forget to thank destiny because she saved you from that man. Remember that the man who could easily stake the feelings of a loved one is an egoist of the highest degree. He is not able to show compassion, love and understanding.
Do not comfort yourself with vain hopes that they will quickly leave, and he will again be with you. Do not expect to continue a relationship with him and after his wedding, even if man is not against this version. Life is too short to spend it in the empty relationship. Remember that love does not last.
Do not put a love failure in the center of your life, better take care of yourself. Buy a lot of beautiful things, visit the beauty salon, spending more time with friends and family. Communicate with my friends, I can trust my feelings. Do it yourself gifts.
Get some hobby. Attend local events, shows and clubs, but not sit on one place. Optionally, to change jobs. Read more interesting literature, watching comedies and funny transmission. Indulge yourself in all possible ways.
Choose a time and take a trip somewhere to relax with friends.