Exams in the 9th class are important level of education for each student. After secondary school, the teenager can decide whether he wants to continue his education in high school or secondary institution or is ready to go to work. Education after grade 9 becomes unnecessary for every citizen of Russia, so students should take seriously the preparation for this form of certification. In addition, the school administration is also studying closely the successes and scores of students after grade 9 to decide which of them is worth taking at 10-11.
Every student of grade 9 at the end of the year must pass at least 4 exams, and in the lyceums and gymnasiums, schools with profound studying of subjects often add a fifth exam in the relevant discipline. At the same time for all students is compulsory subjects are Russian and mathematics, as well as a selection of items - here, students can take any subjects from the list studied in school.
Russian language and mathematics shall be the students in the form of SFE - state final examination. This format of delivery is uniform for all students and includes written assignments with a choice of response or private response to the student. They are held across the country in a strictly specified date, each exam has several options KIMS - test materials so that the students do not know which option will get on the exam to them. After the exam answer sheets are sent for review, so the results become known only in a few days.
In the form of GIA, you can take other items but this is optional. Most students electives prefers to donate to home school their teachers on the tickets. However, there are instances when all the exams you need to pass in the format of the DPA, for example, when the student leaves school and enters College or the College of creative or musical College. In these schools required the results not only in mathematics and Russian, but also profile for these subjects.
GIA you need to pass and to enroll in grade 10 some high schools and colleges. So these schools challenge their students and make selection best students. However, in a short time it is expected that such examinations will become mandatory and in other subjects. And although they mean more stress for students than a test of knowledge in the usual form, but that form the DPA allows you to prepare for the exam and find out what awaits students at the end of grade 11.