What is the hymen

Restoration of the hymen is only possible through surgery. It is a fold of mucous membrane inside the vagina. The structure is pretty elastic. The integrity of the hymen is disrupted after the first intercourse, while the vagina male member. Also hymen can be broken in consequence of mechanical injuries, trauma.
In medical practice there were cases when the girls are born with hymen was not intact.

Its functional purpose is to protect the internal genital organs from infection. There were cases when after a long break sexual intercourse, the hymen is restored independently. But this happens very rarely. Hymenoplasty or defloracija - procedure to restore her virginity. Most girls have resorted to this event for religious or social reasons.
In some cultures a woman can be an outcast, if during the wedding night the groom discovers that his wife is not a virgin.

Victim of maniacs and pedophiles often become patients of gynecologists. They want to fix the mistakes of destiny and regain the original appearance, as nature intended. Sometimes married women do defloratio to bring something new in sex life with her husband. The indication for surgery is a woman's desire.

The operation to restore the hymen

There are differences in ongoing operations: long-term and short-term defloracija. From will determine the price for the service. If you want the entire procedure to be done in a short time, then the pieces of the hymen are sewn with a special thread. On the wedding night, the husband will feel the barrier at the entrance to the vagina. The cost of such quick operation of 30 thousand rubles. After two or three sex acts thread, tear and dissolve.

Three-layer hymenoplasty is more reliable and expensive procedure. It costs 60 thousand rubles. Is hymenoplasty stitching together pieces of hymen tissue and mucous membrane. It turns out the full restoration of the hymen. It is difficult to distinguish from the original, created by nature. The surgery is more complicated, takes about one hour. The woman needed a week to recover. After two or three weeks, no doctor will be able to recognize that were deflorace hymen. Including the sexual partner will never realize or recognize that the hymen was sewn. Clinics that are conducting hymenoplasty, are obliged to keep secret the names of their patients.