Hamsters kept in an aquarium or cage. He and the other house you can buy in the pet store. There You will be able to buy chips and special fillers. The arrangement of the cells, this is an important point. If You want to have Your pet conveniently take care of the troughs, the trough and sufficient quantity of all kinds of straw, from which the hamster will build a nest. Today pet stores offer ready-made "houses" for hamsters, however, the practice shows that animals rarely want to live in them. More often they dismantle them for parts and build their own "housing" themselves.

Hamster – pet disciplined and take care of hamster is also need in a particular order. Your pet conditionally divide the entire area of the cells in the zone. In one corner is a toilet, it will have to clean every day, otherwise the smell will be amazing. In the other corner is a nest, and nearby under a mountain of sawdust will be a storage room. The pantry is a very important place. In any case, you cannot get food from the pantry and pick it up. You risk to cause the animal stress.

The cage should be removed every three to five days. The toilet, as already mentioned, every day. During harvest pereselyayte hamster in a jar or a bowl. To turn sawdust need not fully leave one-third of the old flooring and desipite two-thirds fresh. Wash the cell by specialized facilities, or water with salt, baking soda. Once a week, it is necessary to wash the drinking bowl. Trough wash just with water, otherwise You run the risk of poisoning the hamster. To change the drinker need each month, they guarantee the health of Your hamster.

Regarding the feeding, a controversial issue. The hamster will eat all the time, it was ingrained in his nature. You need to develop the plan and in accordance with it to feed the hamster. In addition to forage, you can give raw vegetables and a special "brittle" from the cereal.

The hamster bathing should be rare. These animals handle themselves with cleaning their skins. However, to prevent you can put the hamster bath sand that will delight. In addition, there are special funds for the care of hamsters, but the reviews on them are not unique.

Overall, You just need to take care of the hamster, to follow activity and weight, how he eats and drinks. Soon You will get used to his habits and will begin to notice if something is troubling Your pet.