Often in the process, the hard disk is heated, and there is a huge risk of losing the information accumulated over a large period of time. Causes of heating may be several. One of them is the failure or loss of cooling capacity of the cooler. Should immediately replace it with a new one. Initially is to purchase a spacious unit system with multiple heat vents and multiple coolers in the kit. With such a housing for a computer will not have to worry about high temperatures inside of him.Possible cause heating of the hard drive you should look for in the power system, checking the voltage in it. Hard disk manufacturers always hope that it will work with a power not exceeding 5 watts. However, under heavy load the computer power supply requires a much higher voltage. Hence, a large power is supplied to the hard disk and heats up. Without hesitation, you need to replace the power unit on more powerful. From an overheated power supply hard drive will "die" faster than from insufficient cooling by the cooler.It happens that for some reason suddenly increases the speed of rotation of the disk. This invariably leads to heating of the hard drive. There are programs that allow you to control the temperature of the hard drive. One of them called it "Hard Drive Temperature". Setting it up and when you hover over the label the cursor, you can immediately see the temperature of the hard disk. The program also allows you to automatically shut down the drive if its temperature exceeds the maximum preset value. There are various analogs of the program "Hard Drive Temperature". One of them - "HDDlife", not only shows the HDD temperature, but the degree of its deterioration. And also, the ability to control the speed of rotation of the disk and reduce it as necessary. Both programs can be downloaded from the Internet in a free access on-demand "utility programs".