Advice 1: How to ionize water silver

About the amazing features of silver to decontaminate water people were known even in ancient times. The marvelous quality of this metal is constantly used by the Church. In the old days in a pit with stagnant water was lowered for a while a silver mirror — and the water again was safe to drink. To ionize the water silver can home.
How to ionize water silver
You will need
  • - ionizator;
  • -the water filter;
  • - the silver or silver jug;
  • - water.
To ionize the water the old-fashioned way, no electric appliance is not necessary. Wash the silver jug. You can do without disinfectants, silver in itself is an excellent antiseptic. The jug should be just clean. If you have no such utensils, use silver forks or spoons.
Pour water in a silver vessel. From chlorine and other impurities are better to get in advance. Use any water filter. Place the jug in a cool but not too cold place, away from direct sunlight. It is best to keep silver water in a dark place. In the light it rapidly loses its properties.
Let the water sit for about a day. Silver ions penetrate into it without your intervention. Upon contact with other substances, the silver often loses its properties, as the hit from the body can be difficult. But in water ions permanently retain their activity. In this case, a silver hydrated. It is called colloidal.
If there is a silver jug, pour water into any glass, porcelain or enamel ware. Perhaps not only fit aluminum vessels. Dip in water a silver spoon or fork. Cutlery pre-wash. Exactly the same as in the first case, let the water to steep. The bigger the object the less it will require time. The old ways, there is one drawback - it is very difficult to calculate the dosage.
If possible, it is best to get the ionizator. It allows you to adjust the silver concentration in the solution. In addition, you will be able to obtain ions of ultra-pure silver. Before proceeding to the ionization of water, carefully read the instructions in the device. There are modes of operation and the amount of water.
Rinse the working part of the ionizator. This should be done with warm water using dishwashing detergent. Watch carefully so water does not get inside. A metal tube, i.e. the cathode, it is better to remove and put on after treatment. The silver anode is not removed.
Lower the ionizator in a vessel with the desired amount of water. The water should be slightly above room temperature. The device itself will analyze its electrical conductivity, and accordingly set the mode of the power supply. On the ionizator a friendly indicator. Carefully follow her. After the silver solution is ready, it will go out. If you are interested to watch the ionizator during operation, you will be able to notice how from the anode drain ions. They look like slightly cloudy plume.
Useful advice
Do not use ionisation water industrial silver. There may be impurities, which are not always healthy.

In order to put in order the old well, the mirror is not necessary, especially because modern mirror more often do not of silver. Use any fairly large silver object.

Ionized silver water can protect people from many infectious diseases. Ions of this metal free they penetrate inside the microorganisms, viruses and fungi and kill them.

Very useful ionized silver water for washing. She has a strong antiseptic effect, it can help to get rid of many skin imperfections.

Silver water can be cleaned up. Silver ions combine with tissue proteins to form a protective layer, preventing thus the development of inflammation. Use ionized water it is possible at all stages of the inflammatory process.

Advice 2: How to disinfect water in the well

Cleaning of the well and water disinfection should be carried out twice a year. The frequency of these events depends entirely on the mode of operation of the wells and quality of water in it. Disinfection of water in the well can be made at any time, but it's better to do it in summer or spring.
How to disinfect water in the well
You will need
  • - bleach;
  • brush;
  • bucket;
  • - rag;
  • - a long stick.
Cleaning of wells and disinfection of water is vital when it includes parts of plant organisms, animals or birds, and also in that case, if the oil gets into the water from the pump. Absolutely no difference that was the cause of water pollution – the mouse, cat, dirty shoes or a frog. Do not expose your body of danger, because your health related to the quality of water consumed.
Before the disinfection procedure is necessary to completely drain the water from the well. Drench or wipe the walls of the well with chlorine solution, it is possible to use a stick wrapped with cloth or brush. This solution can be obtained if diluted twenty grams of chloride of lime in a liter of water.
When the well is filled with water, fill it with a bleach solution. Make a solution based on the following calculations: in one liter of water is necessary to take two hundred grams of lime. To prepare the disinfectant solution, take a clean container and pour desired amount of cold water (do not use warm water, because chlorine evaporates out of it quickly). Then pour bleach and tightly cover dish. Leave the solution for infusion. Drain the top layer of liquid without turbidity in another bowl.
Pour the prepared solution into the well and mix thoroughly with a long stick or buckets, which are gaining water from the well and pour it back. The principle of mixing of the following: lift the full bucket and pour the water back into the well. Repeat this procedure five to ten times.
Upon completion of the disinfection procedure, completely deflate the water from the well and replace with fresh. Moreover, this operation must be performed until, until you wear off the chlorine smell. Then the walls of the well pour abundantly with clean water. Even after that it is recommended some time to use well water only in a boiled kind. It may take a little more than a week.
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