The most important thing that should know the beginner aquarist, the fish cannot run into the aquarium with tap water unprepared. This may lead to the death of living organisms. To make the fish and plants are accustomed, prepare in advance the water, make it transparent. In a new, clean aquarium pour the water from the tap and let it settle for 2-3 days. Once the water will lose the smell of chlorine, it is now settled enough. You can lay soil and plant the plants.
After laying the soil, the water may again lose transparency, becoming first blue, then cloudy. It is the particles of the soil, stalks and roots of plants pollute the water. So to put the fish while it is impossible. After about an hour and a half, the soil will settle to the aquarium you can put fish. If you still doubt the quality of water, add a special product for water treatment (for example, "AquaSafe"). This mixture will make the water suitable for fish habitat and will protect it from the development of pathogenic flora.
After fish and plants settled in the aquarium, the water is still 3-4 months will have a bluish tint. And only after a certain time when all living organisms take root finally, water will regain its colourlessness and transparency. This means that the water has reached its optimal stage, which is experienced aquarists called "old". In this water and animals and plants feel comfortable. Fish do not get sick and actively proliferate, and the plants have bright, rich color. To determine that the water has reached this stage just. In a dark room will illuminate the front wall of the aquarium table lamp. If water is not visible, the fish would be floating in the air, then you have achieved the ideal state of water.
If your aquarium is equipped with modern purification systems and water filtration, to change it more often is not necessary. Update water only if the water is muddy, there are many floating particles of algae and waste products of fish. Then the part is cast and water is added an appropriate volume of supernatant or prepared tap water. The more often you change the water in the aquarium, the less the amount need to be merged.
If the cleaning system is not to make the water transparent, it is necessary from time to time to change it. A leak from the tank should be no more than 1/4 of the water, replacing it with the supernatant water. This should be done not more often than once every 2-3 weeks. Fish is very hard going through the change of fluid, so it is better to purchase a filtration system. And don't forget to wash the walls of the tank from the RAID. He may be the main cause of turbidity.