Types of ionizers

Water ionizers used to measure pH values and redox potential of water. The ionization of the electrolytic ionization is due to electric current. In the second case, ionizers operate on the basis of semi-precious minerals – tourmaline and coral.
In order to choose a water ionizer, you can not rely on cheap camera. It is necessary to buy products only from reliable manufacturers.

The choice of purification-electrolytic cells

It is very important that for the ionization of water using an electric current to the electrodes were made of titanium. This can be explained by the fact that only titanium oxide of ruthenium and platinum do not dissolve during electrolysis. At cheap pots, which are abundant on the Russian market, electrodes made of stainless and steel food. In their composition, in addition to titanium, and includes heavy metals, water saturated and also their ions.

Another purpose of ionizers – healing. Depending on the pH values and redox potential, ionized water can be therapeutic, especially if ionizers contain silver plate. Purified from pathogenic bacteria, charged with silver ions the water has a beneficial effect on the body, mainly in the gastrointestinal tract.

But different values of redox potential affect different diseases, such as diabetes or hypertension. For other values it will be just water with antioxidant properties. In the instructions to the ionizer it should all be properly recorded. Otherwise, if, for example, manual written by an engineer, the manufacturer of the device, the person far from medicine, the use of water ionizer blindly can cause harm to humans.
Ionizers will not work on purified bottled water without minerals, it should be specifically mineralizuet.

Much also depends on the hardness of the water, and the product warranty is not issued in areas with extremely hard water.

You need to choose the ionizer that can make the pH 9.5–10. The highest quality cells increase it to 12-12,5. The redox potential needs to be set to at least 300, but preferably 450.

Flow-through cells

Flow-through cells are used mainly for drinking, bathing and cooking, but they can also be treated. These devices beautiful and stylish design will decorate the kitchen. The flow cells have multiple filters to cleanse the water, they the water from the tap is converted into the antioxidant and immunomodulator. A flow-through electrolytic cells have a special container, where it is possible to introduce trace elements and to obtain water for the treatment of osteoporosis, gastritis, adenomas, hypertension, etc.

Mineral ionizers

The second group of ionizers ionizers to form minerals. Minerals purify water from chlorine, hardness, heavy metals and bacteria and is saturated with negative ions, that is, the ionization of the minerals produce only one water - "live", with the indicators of redox potential and pH for daily use.

Containers of minerals produced in the form of flasks, bottles, decanters. If to pour in a flask of water, after some time, it is possible to obtain purified water with antioxidants.