The glowing liquid can be obtained through a special chemical reaction called chemiluminescence (cold luminescence). It is associated with exothermic processes and therefore is not accompanied by heat. So, glowing water is nothing like a chemical light source, which can be easily created in the laboratory and home.

Today, there are several recipes for glowing liquid. They can be divided into 2 main groups: recipes with luminol and recipes based on simple household ingredients.

Luminous water-based luminol

Luminol is an organic compound that is a light yellow powder. Reacts with oxidising agents and solvents, it gives soft and even light. Buy luminol can only be in specialized stores at a high price.

Make glowing water-based luminol, you will need 200 ml of water, 6 g of copper sulfate, 160 ml of hydrogen peroxide, 4 g luminol, and 20 ml of sodium hydroxide. Mix these components and you will get a liquid that glows pale blue.

There is another recipe glowing water with luminol. This time you will need 60 ml of Dimexidum, 70 g of dry alkali and 0.3 g of luminol. Mix all ingredients in a sealed container and then shake it. You should get the liquid blue. If desired, you can add any other pigment.

Glowing water without luminol

The easiest recipe glowing water without luminol includes the following components: soda (like Mountain Dew), baking soda and 36% hydrogen peroxide. In ¼ Cup water, add 3 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide and 1 teaspoon of baking soda. The resulting liquid will light up very beautiful light until, until the chemical reaction.

Make a glowing material in the home, and using the boric acid. Add the acid a few drops of fluorescein. Then apply the resulting paste on a metal plate and heat it well. When the plate has cooled, it will begin to glow.

Another way is to take any glow in the dark figure, to grind it into powder and mix with water. To the fine particles will settle on the bottom of the tank, you can add in the gelatine. This glowing water is necessary from time to time to expose to the sun, so she had the ability to charge light energy.

Do not forget about safety rules when working with chemicals. All procedures for the creation of the "luminous" water to do with gloves and protective glasses.