Advice 1: How to make a machine for living water

Many machines can be done at home with your own hands. For example, you can make the device for the preparation of live and dead water. Living water is considered water, charged with positive charge, dead negative. Drink the living water promotes rejuvenation and cleansing of the body.
How to make a machine for living water
You will need
  • Two plates of stainless steel, of a width 5 cm, length 15 cm.
  • A semiconductor diode.
  • Plastic case with detachable cap long 20 cm
  • The plug wire.
  • Two cans of water.
  • Wire.
  • Screws.
Attach two stainless steel plates to the plastic housing. For this slot in the bottom of two parallel cracks, which can pass plates. Slits should be in opposite ends of the plastic housing. Then insert the plate into the slot and secure them with screws.
Place the plastic housing of a semiconductor diode and connect it to the stainless steel plates using wires. Note on the plates from the outside, where the "minus" and where "plus".
Make in plastic casing the hole for the wire with the socket. Insert the wire and attach it to the semiconductor diode. Close the housing cover.
Fill 2 cans with water. Put them side by side. Dip the apparatus for making a living and dead water in the jars so that each of the electrodes (plates) was in a separate Bank. Turn the device on and leave it on for 10 minutes.
Disconnect from the network. Take it out of the cans. Discard "dead" water to drink "live".
In any case do not touch the electrodes when the machine is switched on, do not immerse fingers in water during its operation and keep the appliance out of reach of children.
Useful advice
The electrodes can make the coal or charcoal kremnivye. Coal-kremnivye electrodes further enrich the water with silicon.

Advice 2: How to make a living and dead water himself

About the healing properties of live and dead water have been known since ancient times. This water helps in the treatment of some diseases and improves the condition of the human body as a whole. To receive live and dead water and modern people use self-made apparatus.
Living and dead water.

Receive live and dead water

Currently, to receive the healing water you do not have to look for some mountain springs and reservoirs. It can be obtained through electrolysis of ordinary tap water at home. From the chemical point of view, living water has alkaline properties and therefore it is perfectly heals wounds. And dead water is a unique disinfectant as it contains acid. When passing through common water, electric current completely changes its structure.

Accordingly, after processing a current of water is divided into two factions. Each has certain medicinal properties. Usually it is recommended to use living and dead water in combination to achieve maximum results.

Camera of live and dead water with their hands

In selling, you can easily find special devices for obtaining activated water. But such a device can be made independently. To do this, take an ordinary glass jar with a lid and clamped on the electrodes using nuts and screws. One of the electrodes is a cathode and the other anode. At the positive electrode will release dead water. This means that at the anode we need to secure the bag made of thick fabric. For such purposes, perfect calico. Importantly, through the tissue normally took the air.

The length of the electrodes for a half-liter banks should not exceed 100 mm. as electrodes can be used in sheet stainless steel. Some even use aluminum electrodes to obtain the charged water. They should be attached to the lid using a special insulating lining.

For the preparation of activated water need to pour the liquid into a cloth bag and strengthen it at the positive electrode. Then it is inserted into a jar of water. You need to consider that the water in the pot should not reach the edges. Usually to cook the living water takes no more than ten minutes. Then the banks pulled out from the electrodes in a separate container and poured the dead water from a special pouch to Pour the water should be very careful not to mix the obtained fractions. To obtain the activated water can be used and design without cloth bag. Then will take two separate containers with separate parts. To provide electrical contact between the two containers can be when you use a cotton harness zamochennogo in gauze.

Advice 3: How to make living water

The person on 80% consists of water. The water we need to live. But we have long known that not all water is useful. Lately, very few people drink water from the tap. People use a variety of filters. However, the treated with fluid in the best case will not harm. Can benefit of the so-called "living water". it can be done at home.
"Living water" can be done at home
You will need
  • Water, black silicon, gauze, container of plastic or impact resistant glass.

The easiest way to improve the properties of water is such. To start, boil required quantity of water. Then refrigerate the finished water and freeze it.

To do this, the overflow of water in a plastic bottle or container from impact-resistant glass and placing in the freezer of the refrigerator. In winter, freezing water can be done by putting the bottle on the balcony.

Then remove from a cold location capacity with the resulting ice. When he will melt and turn back into water, the structure of such water will be improved.

The best method of obtaining "living water" is based on the use of black silicon. This mineral is sold in pharmacies. Take three quarts of water, put into it 305. silicon. Then cover the container with clean gauze and leave the water for two days.

After the water has steeped, carefully pour it into another vessel. It is necessary to leave in the same capacity, the lower layer of approximately 2-3 cm the fact that it settled all the harmful substances we don't need them.

The real "living water" is not ready yet. Now it should slightly freeze. When formed on the surface of small ice, it is necessary to make a hole. Through this hole you should pour water into a container. The ice can be thrown away, there are isotopes of hydrogen.

Now it is necessary again to freeze the remaining water. This time it should freeze for about 2/3. At this stage of the preparation of "living water" to be poured, on the contrary, unfrozen water. Ice, which as a result left, and is obtained by melting the "living water". Drink it very useful for the body.
To store the "living water" can be no more than 6-7 hours, then it will lose its miraculous properties.
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