You will need
  • Device MUM-50 EDMA, permanent magnet, plastic Cup, pure water
For the preparation of magnetized water you will need a permanent magnet with the induction of more than 150 MT or a special device for magnetization of water, for example, MUM-50 EDMA. The use of these devices allows to create a magnetic field through which the water acquires special properties. Please note that new properties of water treated by the magnet, remain no more than three days.
Prepare a flat square or round magnet with a diameter of about 50 mm and a thickness of 10 mm. So the magnet on one side has a "North" pole (N) and on the other the "South" (S).
Take a plastic Cup; it is best to use the capacity from bio yogurt "Delight". Fill a glass of pure non-carbonated water (about 80 ml). Device MUM-50 EDMA put a work surface up. Put on the surface of the device glass with water and cover it with a magnetic field indicator. This indicator is included in the package of the device and corresponds exactly to the size of the glass from the Windows:.
Put on the indicator a magnetic field of the permanent magnet to the desired side down, depending on what polarity you need. In this state, soak the water for several hours. The optimal time of the magnetization of the liquid is from 12 to 24 hours. Capacity of the magnet can be kept constantly, periodically pouring in a glass of water.
For the formation of dipoles by vector of direction "South-North" magnet position on the lid of the Cup the South pole down, and the pushbutton switch of the device must be enabled in the "+". If you put the magnet North pole down, and the key of the device to set the mode to "-", the dipoles will have the direction "North-South".
Take precautions when using this method. Do not immerse the magnet in the water, it needs to be positioned on the outside of the Cup. The procedure for the magnetization of water need out of the refrigerator, microwave ovens and other household appliances.