You will need
  • For silver water mild and moderate concentrations:
  • - any silver product without a stone.
  • An ionizator:
  • - square battery;
  • - the silver product without a stone or a piece of silver;
  • made from stainless steel.
For silvering the water, take any product of silver (a coin, a spoon, decoration), wash and put in a container with cold boiled (or filtered) water. A day silvered water of low concentration is prepared. Such water is recommended to be consumed as a preventive measure.
For making silver water a stronger concentration take any product from pure silver. Thoroughly wash. Pour in three-liter enameled saucepan the water hold silverware, put on fire and bring to a boil. When the water in the pan will boil about half, remove from the heat. In two hours silver water average concentration will be ready to eat. It is used for medicinal purposes. Drink this water half a glass for fifteen minutes before eating for one month.
To get the silver water strong concentration used inatory. Now on sale there are different models of generators, ions of silver, but the prices are quite high. Such a device can be done independently at home.
For the manufacture of ionizator take an ordinary battery is rectangular in shape and do on terminals with an awl a small hole. Attach to the plate with the sign "+" any silverware, and the plate with the sign " - " is the handle of a teaspoon of stainless steel.
Lower the ionizator in a jar of water. To obtain the silver water of weak concentration sufficient to keep him half a minute to three litres of water, thanks to DC, she quickly enriched with silver ions. If you omit the device in water for three minutes – you will get a medium silver ionized water, and to obtain a strong concentration is necessary to put an ionizator for five minutes in a liter of water.

Silver water with a strong concentration used only externally: for instillation into the nose, gargle during throat or instead of lotion to wipe the facial skin diseases.