One of the ways of desalination – distillation, or sublimation. Pour in a pot of salted water and put it on the fire. On the lid of the pan is to collect condensate. However, to obtain in this way a large amount of fresh water is difficult because taking pictures cover a large part of the drops will drain back into the pan.

We could improve this desalination plant. In the lid drill a hole and insert the tube into a coil from the distillery. The other end of the tube down in an empty vessel. For cooling the tube cover with a damp cloth or sprinkle cool water. The steam from hot pots, getting into the chilled coil, condenseries and turns into drops of water. The drops will drain into an empty vessel. Thus, in a heated pan after evaporation remain salt, and the other will gather distilled water.

In marching conditions over the pot with salt water can be set at a slight angle sheet metal so that steam was going on its inner surface, and the condensation drips into an empty container. Build a small fire, otherwise there will be large losses of steam.

Obtained by distillation of poorly water quenches thirst, because it does not contain any salts. To improve the quality, you can add a very small amount of salt water.

Another method of desalination is popular among the Eskimos. When cooling fresh water freezes faster than salt. Thus, it is possible to put on a cold bowl of salt water until it formed ice crystals. Assemble the ice will melt – you will get enough fresh water.

The rice when cooking to absorb the salt. If in salt water, cook a sufficient quantity of this cereal, you can get suitable for drinking rice water. Of course, this is not clean water, but my thirst they can.