You will need
  • distilled water, canadian or Ceratophyllum, ion exchange resin
To soften hard tap water in the aquarium you will need to do a number of simple actions (comprehensively or individually), as described below. Purchase plants such as canadian or hornwort, and put them in aquarium soil. The result of their activity reduces the concentration of salts of calcium and magnesium, which leads to a significant softening of the water in the aquarium.
Dilute hard tap water with distilled or soft rain. Purchase soft water can be in drugstores, pet stores or the pet market. Rain water before adding to the aquarium should be filtered and cleaned of debris. Dilute depending on the stiffness of its water, as a rule, 1 litre of hard water to 2 liters with distilled.
Install water treatment membrane reverse osmosis for your aquarium. This device is sold in pet stores. This treatment is able to deliver (clean) water from all sorts of unwanted impurities. Purchase also pet shop special ion exchange resins that are designed to soften the water in the aquarium.
Boil water and cool it before adding to the aquarium. This will allow to some extent to soften the water, but the amount of softening in this case is low. This method in the case of highly hard water is hardly suitable. It usually is used in combination with other methods of softening of aquarium water.
Buy the shop needed a water softener in the aquarium special chemicals. These drugs in no way affect a prosperous healthy life of the fish, and only removed from salt water that make the water hard. The state of mineral substances in the water when using these chemicals remains the same. Purified in this way the environment is favorable for all aquatic inhabitants.