Let me introduce myself

For example, the famous singer and people's artist Nadezhda Babkina passport Zasedateleva. But Babkina is her maiden name. She chose her stage image, considering that the name with which she became a celebrity will be more synonymous with Russian folk songs. Moreover, it is simpler to pronounce and easier to remember.

Singer Valery's real name is Alla perfilova. As she told me in an interview, it all started with the first album, and in English for European students. Felt that the name Alla in Europe will be associated with Allah, so I decided to replace it with an alias. So she is Valeria. It appears that this name was given to her mother in early childhood. But then for some reason the birth certificate of the child recorded Alla. By the way, already being famous, the artist replaced his name in the passport to Valery.

But the real name of the famous singer Katya LEL – Ekaterina Chuprina, it was fine. But her first producer Yuri Aizenshpis it seemed too long and not memorable. Then the girl suggested as an alias very close to it in the spirit of the hero of one of the works Rimsky-Korsakov – LEL. So in the world of music has a new star Katya LEL.

One of the sex symbols of Russian pop singer and actress Vera Brezhnev in everyday life bore the name of dumpling. Dneprodzerzhinsk is a city in the Dnipropetrovsk region in Ukraine, where she was born girl, and the birthplace of Leonid Brezhnev. In this regard, the producer of the group "VIA Gra", which at the time was singing Faith, and came up with the alias of his ward.
The names of some other stars:
Elena Vaenga – Elena Khruleva
Kristina Asmus – Kristina Myasnikova
Pavel Volya – Dennis Dobrovolsky
Anfisa Chekhova – Alexander Kortunova
Bianca Tatiana Lipnitskaya

Extravagant singer Christmas Tree in the world Elizaveta Ivantsiv. For the love of bright and unusual outfits since childhood, her family and friends called Christmas Tree. And grown-up fir Tree became the Christmas Tree. With the same name and she came out on the big stage.

The singer of popular songs Ani Lorak is not what is not Anya. Her name is Karolina Kuyek. Your nickname she received in 1995 when he participated in a musical contest "Morning star". It so happened that there was already a participant with the name Carolina, and the girl was invited to speak under a pseudonym. Quickly come up with the stage name girl helped a leading competition Yuri Nikolaev. Ani Lorak - it's Carolina, only backwards.
Natasha Koroleva – Natasha Poryvai
Nyusha – Anna Shurochkina
Timati Timur Yunusov
Alena Apina – Elena Levochkina
Verka Serduchka – Danilko

I still got it...

Many stars of show business are confident, well chosen alias is the first step to fame and success in the creative field. As the ship call, so it will float on the waves of show business. Although for fans, as a rule, much more valuable than quality. No matter what celebrity last name. They love their heroes for songs, music, artistry. If a singer or actor does his job well, it will remember and will love even drab and mundane a name. Perfect example – people's artist of Russia Igor Nikolaev. And the name of one of the most popular, and his songs for many years known and loved.