The female lion in love

The lioness knows her worth, she realizes that is worthy of the best men. She has many fans, but she is in no hurry to choose one. The one who, in the end, there, needs to understand that he really was lucky – he had a very difficult selection.

Born under this sign, are used to getting what he wants. If any of the men she rejects you, her anger can become destructive.

Often the female lion is experiencing difficulties in choosing between a high position in society and real feelings. She's vain, and this sometimes prevents her from becoming happy.

She has a calm temperament, even in love, she loses her head. But without love, its existence turns into hard labor. Any man she is considering as a potential husband. But, unfortunately, quite often of a Lioness to destroy family life with his pride and lust for supremacy.

The Lioness compatibility with other zodiac signs

The most compatible woman, born under the fiery sign of Leo, a male Aries. Aries catches her attention with his rhetoric, good financial prospects and ambition. It's two stubborn and narcissistic sign. The desire for leadership will not interfere with their relationship, and becomes a shared interest. Such a couple is understanding, the most important thing for successful co-existence.

A very beautiful Union, the Lioness turns to the Twins. She loves passion, a storm of emotions, love experiences, and that the male Twin is able to give her the whole drive. Family life of such couples is not without loud scandals with the smashing of crockery. But reconciliation they will be bright. The lioness will love the romance of the Twins, and their desire to go on a crazy risk. Such a man will generously bestow her gifts, and give a little povlastvovat.

Male-Archer – it's not the top dreams of a Lioness, but his talent to earn money and live life often becomes the cause of marriage with her. Their Union is quite strong, but due to the fact that Sagittarius is the most popular man in the whole zodiac, the Lion often have to suffer from jealousy.

Union female Lion, a male Lion can also be great. They are both passionate, generous and gracious. If they are able to compromise, their family life will be happy and harmonious.

Incompatible Lioness with a man born under the sign of Cancer. Cancers are too slow, they don't keep up with the frantic pace of life of a lion Cub. The lioness will admire the thriftiness of her husband's Cancer, but his lack of independence, frugality and lack of vitality will soon be very annoying to her.

Also the Lion will not fit the Taurus and the Aquarius. Taureans will be too cheap and down-to-earth for her, and Aquarians are too proud and distinctive.