Female chlamydia manifested by vaginal discharge, pain in lower abdomen, unauthorized bleeding and painful sensations during urination. Allocation for chlamydia possess a yellowish color, purulent or mucous structure, as well as sharp unpleasant smell. Besides pain in the pelvic area, the woman may still feel a burning sensation during urination.
The incubation period of chlamydia in women is from several days to months. If the patient suffers from various diseases of the genital organs and vagina in 50% of cases they can call it chlamydia. Also, it is often found in women diagnosed with trichomoniasis, and gonorrhea. Once infected woman becomes a carrier of chlamydia from the first day of infection and as long as the pathogen will not be cured and will not cease to stand out from the vagina. However, the number of chlamydia is not critically large, so their carriers are not too dangerous for protected sexual contact.
Vaginal suppositories used to treat chlamydia, show good effect, destroying the causative agent of the disease directly in its natural environment. Well-proven candles "Hexicon", which is used by a single candle in the morning and evening for ten days. They can also be used as a prophylactic not later than a few hours after unprotected intercourse.
The least popular are unichtozhiteley chlamydia and candles "Viferon", based on natural antioxidants and interferon Alfa-2b. They are widely used for the treatment of viral, bacterial and fungal infections because antibacterial in addition to its primary function, "Viferon" has strong immunomodulatory effect.
Folk remedies chlamydia is effectively treated with garlic candles that have a strong antibiotic effect on infections. For their preparation need twice pass through a meat grinder peeled garlic cloves, add to them some fresh butter, melted and filtered boiled water and make thick candles. They need to apply for the night on one piece for five days.