In the treatment of chlamydia there are no specific schemes, as the course of infection in each patient has its own characteristics. The use of antibacterial drugs as the primary therapeutic factor is only possible with the young in the acute phase of chlamydial process without accompanying chronic and acute diseases. In other cases, prior to the appointment etiotropic treatment of the infection should first assess the state of the immune system, liver, genital areas and intestinal flora. In the treatment of chlamydia, there are three main groups of antibiotics: macrolides (Azithromycin", "Clarithromycin", "Macroben", "Rulid"), tetracyclines and fluoroquinolones.
Together with the use of antibacterial drugs is prescribed a course of immunomodulators (cycloferon injections to maintain immunity of a patient with chlamydia. Patients with an imbalance in the immune status and disorders in intestinal microbiocenosis shown immunomodulators ("Decaris", "Tokuiten", "Methyluracil", "Lysozyme"). You can also use the extract of Eleutherococcus, Pantokrina, aralia tincture etc.
In the scheme of treatment of chlamydial infection also are different multienzyme preparations (Mezim", "Festal", "Panzinorm"); additionally appointed antispasmodic and choleretic drugs, vitamins of group B. in identifying opportunistic microbes bacteriophages are appointed inside, the daily dose is 100 ml to 3 doses per day, course 10 days. Locally bacteriophage used in the form of instillation into the bladder (50 ml) and the urethra in the amount of 2-3 ml, a course of 10 days.
In the treatment of chlamydia orally applied herbal medicine orally and it is also used in the form of rectal microclysters (infusions and decoctions of the herb). During the first two weeks of treatment is necessarily performed enterosorption with the use of "Polyphepan", "POLYSORB", Smecta and other chelators. Daily dose of sorbent is taken once at night.
It should be remembered that the treatment of chlamydia should conduct both partners. At the end of the treatment you undertake tests for the presence of chlamydial infection. Safe sex is a basis of prophylaxis of this disease!