The symptoms of chlamydia

Chlamydia is manifested in the form of a clear discharge from the vagina in women or from the urethra in men. The infected person may suspect the presence of disease due to the odor or appearance of burning in the genital area.

In acute forms of chlamydia can increase the body temperature, but this symptom shows rarely. If you do not pay attention to the primary symptoms of the disease, the discharge becomes pus-like, they appear blood particles, and symptoms are complemented by a subtle pain in the abdomen or appendages.

The presence of chlamydia is determined with the help of special tests. On examination, the doctor may fail to identify the disease because of the lack of external manifestations. Inflammation, redness or irritation of the genital organs, as a rule, does not arise. To diagnose chlamydia, you can use mini-tests. Please note that these drugs do not give virtually any guarantee for the accuracy of the result.

A particular danger for women is chlamydia during pregnancy. Due to the presence of this disease may be abortion or premature birth. In addition, ignoring such infection can lead to serious complications.

Treatment of chlamydia

Treatment of chlamydia is a severe and quite long lasting. The minimum rate of getting rid of this disease can last for several months. Drugs, their dosages and additional procedures may be prescribed only by a specialist. Self in this case is better not to do.

In the complex treatment of chlamydia used, as a rule, antibiotics and antifungal drugs. Often, specialists prescribe "Azithromycin", "Doxycycline", "Interferon". But do not forget that the dosage calculated on the basis of the conducted examinations and analyses, and taking into account the individual characteristics of the human body. In some cases chlamydia can take chronic forms. For treatment it is necessary not only to take prescribed medicines and follow a strict restrictions and recommendations of doctors.

The best prevention of chlamydia is considered to be an exception promiscuity, regular inspection by specialists and vigilant about their own health. Please note that the most serious complication of chlamydia may be infertility.