The most common way of infection with chlamydia

In most cases, chlamydia infection occurs during unprotected (without a condom) intercourse. The causative agents are the bacteria chlamydia, which is transmitted from an infected person to a healthy one. Taking root in the walls of the epithelium, they begin to multiply. In men it affects the mucous membranes of the urethra, in women also the mucous membrane of the urethra and the wall of the channel connecting the vagina with the uterus.
If the partners engaged in unprotected anal sex will be amazed by the mucous membrane of the rectum.

In some cases, the disease may be asymptomatic, causing no unpleasant sensations in humans. But, as a rule, symptoms of chlamydia are itching and burning during urination, and pain in the groin. Women can increase pain during menstruation, and vaginal discharge acquire a yellowish tint and an unpleasant odor. Sometimes slightly increased temperature, there is weakness.

Some people having had such symptoms begin to be treated yourself. But you can't do that. You need to see a specialist, to pass all the necessary tests, and start taking prescribed medication. As a rule, carried out comprehensive treatment, including measures for increasing immunity. Also, the patient's physician must complete the course of treatment with tetracycline antibiotics and macrolides. Treatment must be carried out in both partners at the same time.

It is especially important to take the full course of treatment a pregnant woman who discovered chlamydia. Because chlamydial infection is the most common cause of many diseases of the newborn.

Can you get through everyday life

Chlamydia will quickly die outside the human body, so the infections in everyday life rather rare. But such a possibility is still there, and it should be taken into account. For example, can be transmitted using the same bath towel that you just dried them sick. Or, for example, if a girl is sleeping in the same bed with her sick mother. That's why it is not desirable that children slept with their parents.
In boys, the peculiar structure of the male reproductive system, this contamination can not occur.

Contrary to the widespread prejudice in the pool to be infected with chlamydia is nearly impossible.