Organic fertilizers are not all equally accessible. Manure to obtain in sufficient quantity for the fertilizer plot, is possible only in case if it is possible to contain livestock. Otherwise, the manure can only buy. Much easier is the case with the compost. Erecting on the site a compost pit, you can get a great hi-tech first-class fertilizer. In addition, a properly prepared compost eliminates the ingress of helminth eggs that are often caught in the muck.

What you need for a compost pit

Compost is a product resulting from natural processing plants. For a small standard plot is fine hole volume one and a half square meters. A set of necessary for the preparation of the pits of tools available on the site of every self-respecting gardener is a shovel, covering material (for example, old film) and wood saw.

To strengthen the edges of the dug holes will fit boards, pieces of slate, you can use brick. Place the compost must be in a secluded place plot and hence, to the wind brings to you the aromas of rotting mass. It is not necessary to arrange the structure in the vicinity of fruit trees – they can die from this neighborhood.

How to make a compost pit

Make on earth the markup for future compost pit and half shovels to clear the turf around the perimeter. Much deep digging is not necessary – this will lead to a steady accumulation of rain water that will slow the processes of decay. The edges of the removed turf lock wooden pegs. Hammered deep into them, after which they beat boards. We will get something like a sandbox, but it should not fill with sand and plant remains.

For compost you can use grass clippings, leaves, leaves, rotten roots. Suitable raw fruits, grains, branches, sawdust and even small pieces of paper. Do not throw in compost bones, potato tops and tomato, excrements of domestic animals and inorganic debris.

When filling the main – dump residues to as many as possible, but ramming is not recommended, because it will silage. With proper installation, the compost will be slightly raised above the edges of the boards. If extra boards on the site no, you can just build a bunch and impose it around the edges with pieces of slate or rubber mats. In dry weather the future compost needs to be watered.

In conclusion, the pit need to cover with foil or other covering materials – it will help to create the greenhouse effect. The natural process of processing content, the compost pit will take a year or two.