Fertilizer based on chicken manure

From chicken manure is obtained an effective and fast-acting fertilizer that can be used for all vegetable crops and fruit trees as feed. This is a balanced natural formulation, in which there is a lot of necessary for microflora and plants of trace elements in optimum combination. But keep in mind that it does not replace other kinds of fertilizers, so for roots and potatoes should be used with the addition of potassium chloride in the ratio of 10:1.

The concentration of the undiluted manure is very high, so in order not to destroy plants, it should be diluted with water in a ratio of 1:15 or even 1:20, the mixture color should not be darker than weak tea. In addition, fresh chicken manure should not be used because its efficiency will be low. Before use the solution should be sbravati litter for several days, stirring constantly. Its value as a fertilizer significantly increased after composting.

To make compost in the spring in the hole you need to fill the layers of peat, straw and sawdust, over which place a layer of chicken manure with a thickness of 20 cm, such layers it is necessary to make several. In the case when litter is too dry, add a pit of water. After a couple of months, the compost fertilizer is ready, and in autumn it will need to be added to the soil during digging in order to fill with soil.

How to make fertilizer based on chicken manure

Chicken manure cannot be applied to the soil in the spring, especially greens, onions, garlic and salad – the taste will be spoiled. In addition, it contains a lot of bacteria and helminth eggs and pathogens of different dangerous diseases. Therefore, it is best to make such a fertilizer to the soil in the fall to winter frosts killed all the harmful bacteria and helminth eggs. The soil under the fruit trees to fertilize in the spring and fall. Fermented fertilizer watered tree trunks in the amount of 8-10 l per square meter of surface.

Note that chicken manure remains biologically active for a further three years after were introduced into the soil, this fertilizer long-acting. So to make it every year on this plot of land is not required. In the process of making this fertilizer into the soil, observe the hygienic requirements, if you use ready-made fertilizers based on dry chicken manure, should be protected with face and respiratory a respirator or a gauze bandage.