Liquid green fertilizer

The quickest way of disposing of grass can be a liquid green fertilizer. For its preparation you can use any weed, even with roots and seeds. Tall grass is better to chop with a knife or garden scissors for faster digestion, although it is not required. Weeds needs to be put in a container and pour water so that it completely covers the grass. If no lid, container should be sealed with a piece of plastic and then tie around the top edge of the cord or underwear elastic. In the film you want to make a few small holes, through which will come out the emitted gas.

It is highly desirable for every day stirred the resulting mass for uniform digestion of grass. To reduce odours, to the surface of the water, you can pour a handful of dust. 10-14 days will be ready a valuable fertilizer. To apply it better in diluted form (one liter infusion in a bucket of water) not to burn the roots of plants.

Especially valuable herbs to create a liquid green fertilizer are nettle, plantain, ground, all green manure, however, is perfect and any weeds growing in your yard. To prepare better to use plastic utensils, as metal containers may react with the contents. Rotted grass can be used as mulch or put into compost pile.


For the preparation of suitable compost the weeds, stems of vegetable crops, fruit and vegetable peel, fruit scraps, etc., Layers of vegetable waste should alternate with layers of the earth. It is not recommended to add to the compost waste meat and cooked vegetables, because the fertilizer can become moldy, and the mold will not benefit the plants. If you are planning to use EM-drugs, you should not also add to compost weeds with Mature seeds. The growth of the compost pile should be well watered and cover with plastic wrap or cardboard for a more rapid digestion of grass. New layers of grass and earth should be laid over this coating. Next year the compost can be put in the hole when planting, or use as mulch.

Dramatically increase the use of compost and accelerates the maturation of the use of EM productsthat contain live microorganisms, enriching the soil and destroying pathogenic fungi. Very popular in Russia "Baikal-EM-1". For the preparation of the mixture in 3-liter jar of warm spring or boiled water to dissolve 4 tbsp old jam or honey, then add the bottle of concentrate with a capacity of 40 ml. Capacity should be filled to the top, so the air gap was minimal. The Bank need to be closed with a plastic cap and leave in a warm dark place for 4-7 days. Starting from the 3rd day, the cover must be removed, and the solution gently stirred. The finished product has a faint pleasant smell of the brew.

For use in the compost should be 8 tablespoons of the drug to dissolve in a bucket of warm water and leave in the sun for 3-4 hours to bacteria intensified. After that, the compost pile needs to be wet with water for irrigation and add the working solution of "Baikal", then hide to Mature. The bacteria contained in the product, destroys even the seeds of Wheatgrass so Mature weed can be added to the compost. Fertilizer will be ready in 3-4 months.

Quick compost

For making fast compost needs to be put in a plastic bag ripped off the weeds, add a couple shovels of land and a few liters of water. The bag should tie well and leave in the sun. After 10-14 days, the compost will be ready. Add working solution of EM products will increase the use of fertilizers and accelerate his readiness.