Mown lawn grass, ripped from the beds the weeds need to tightly pack in the metal or plastic barrel, which should be placed in a Sunny spot. To accelerate the fermentation process the grass needs to pour dry urea (100 g) or add fresh manure in small quantities. After that, the barrel needs to be filled with cold water, cover and leave for 7-10 days to complete the fermentation process.

The contents of the barrel must be periodically stirred so that the fermentation process spread green the weight evenly. Gradually from the barrel will start to proceed peculiar, rather unpleasant odor, which would serve as a signal that the fertilizer is ready to use. This feature of fertilizer you need to consider when pledging the party grass – barrel should be located away from recreational areas, verandas, children's Playground. Before applying the infusion of the barrel must be diluted with cold water in a ratio of 1:10 to water the plants the rate of 5-10 litres per vine. But we should not forget about what is nitrogen fertilizer, so it is better to use it in the first half of the summer to increase of green mass of plants, and in the fall, this fertilizer can harm.

Grass clippings can be used for compost preparation. To do this, in the corner of the area you need to dig a trench depth of 0,5 m and gradually to lay her torn weeds, wet grass, food waste, fallen leaves. To speed up the process of digestion is also possible to add 100-200 g of urea, spreading it in layers, falling asleep on top of the ground. Urea can be replaced with fresh manure. The last layer of compost should be well covered with soil, matting, roofing material and left to Mature.

The willingness of this fertilizer comes in 1.5-2 years. It can be used to improve the quality of garden soil, sprinkling on the garden beds before digging. Well rotted compost is converted into humus – it can be used for mulching the surface of the earth under the bushes and plants. The use of organic matter in the garden can significantly increase productivity, without bringing any harm by eating food grown with the help of vegetables and fruits.

When mowing lawn garden trimmer grass is crushed very finely, which allows its use after drying as mulch for the same lawn, feeding it with organic matter. You can also gather well-dried grass kistaram, put in bags and use as needed for mulching the soil under the bushes and trees. Just do not forget that this is no good grass containing seeds – in this case, the farmer risks being in the garden a green carpet of germinated weeds.