After infidelity: what to do?

To be in the role of inmensity, of course, is not easy. It's your fault the family is broken, you feel remorse, you feel a huge sense of guilt towards her husband – such are the consequences of your moment of weakness.

Analyze what made you take this step? The lack of attention from husband or your lightheadedness? Whatever it was, you allowed yourself that is called betrayal. How you should behave next? Ask the husband to talk peace, to talk about what happened, but be prepared that he might agree to it immediately. Don't insist, give the spouse a little time to calm down and compose themselves.

During a serious conversation with her husband do not try to make excuses and to blame in your treason anyone. To be forgiven, you must acknowledge and understand their own guilt. Be honest to yourself and to your spouse – if you don't feel love for your husband, consider whether you seek to save your marriage? If all that happened was a mistake and you love your husband, now you should be a model for the perfect wife.

How does the perfect wife? Does not stay out of home longer than promised, not wearing provocative outfits, modestly holding on with strange men, doing housework and raising children, etc. If you are not very attracted by these prospects or your husband is not a fan of domestic traditions, try at least not to give him serious cause for jealousy and suspicion. Remember that now the trust of your spouse towards you seriously shaken.

How to get rid of guilt

It was what it was, stop all the time to feel guilty. You calmly talked to my husband recognized his mistakes, repented and promised never to do this again? Great! Now proudly stand tall and continue to live with dignity. Your husband doesn't need a woman, not loving yourself, experiencing a constant feeling of guilt and depression. Learn to forgive yourself your mistakes, learn from them, remember that in the world there are imperfect people who have lived life without a single blot.

Keep track of your appearance, avoid going into depression – you have to be even more beautiful and more perfect than before. Join a fitness club or a gym, visit the beauty salon, sauna and swimming pool. If you want your husband back, you need to look your best.

Strive to ensure that your relationship with your husband now reigned only mutual respect, love and harmony. Do not allow even a small lie, openly discuss all emerging issues, talk about your feelings your spouse, and pretty soon he'll forget about your stupid mistake.