First think carefully about whether to resort to such radical methods. If there is still some opportunity to correct the situation in a different way, try it. If you prostate favorite, though not really, there's always a chance that this all will end. Be prepared for this and don't be afraid to lose it. You must know that you tried everything and you have nothing to lose.
Part intelligent. Behave calmly and with dignity, do not make the scandals and do not stoop to profanity. What will your separation, depends on the possibility of future reunification. Don't tear off bridges and do not restore partner against you.
After retiring from a partner, stay the course and not go back on their word. If he is unwilling to establish a relationship, do not rush to ask for forgiveness and beg him to come back. If a person does not really want a relationship, think about whether you need them. If your pair will be reunited, you must know that the partner has into account your wishes and will continue to behave acceptable.
Give the man to understand that he is dear to you, but you are not going delshe to put up with his misconduct. You're OK with it, but without it good. If he sees your determination and self-sufficiency, you will feel the loss and understand how much he needs you. He won't be able to feel, knowing that you couldn't find and you're ready to go back down and forgive him for everything just to be together. Don't let yourself take for granted.
Clearly decide for yourself what you want to achieve a breakup and how do you see your relationship in case of their renewal. If you get your way again and you became a couple, and stay on the chosen course. Let your partner know about your position, that you know their value and what they see relationships. Remember that habit is a powerful thing and largely depends on you, whether justified your expectations.
Man must clearly understand that you are not happy in the relationship and what you want from him. Otherwise, the separation will not give you anything, even if you get back together. Let him know what actions and behavior it is required that your Union was harmonious.