Advice 1: How to throw a loved one to come back

Sometimes it seems that relations have stalled, a situation can only radical measures. And then the woman decides to leave, but not really, and so that the partner wanted her back. And this time, of course, she wants to keep the game going by its rules.
How to throw a loved one to come back
First think carefully about whether to resort to such radical methods. If there is still some opportunity to correct the situation in a different way, try it. If you prostate favorite, though not really, there's always a chance that this all will end. Be prepared for this and don't be afraid to lose it. You must know that you tried everything and you have nothing to lose.
Part intelligent. Behave calmly and with dignity, do not make the scandals and do not stoop to profanity. What will your separation, depends on the possibility of future reunification. Don't tear off bridges and do not restore partner against you.
After retiring from a partner, stay the course and not go back on their word. If he is unwilling to establish a relationship, do not rush to ask for forgiveness and beg him to come back. If a person does not really want a relationship, think about whether you need them. If your pair will be reunited, you must know that the partner has into account your wishes and will continue to behave acceptable.
Give the man to understand that he is dear to you, but you are not going delshe to put up with his misconduct. You're OK with it, but without it good. If he sees your determination and self-sufficiency, you will feel the loss and understand how much he needs you. He won't be able to feel, knowing that you couldn't find and you're ready to go back down and forgive him for everything just to be together. Don't let yourself take for granted.
Clearly decide for yourself what you want to achieve a breakup and how do you see your relationship in case of their renewal. If you get your way again and you became a couple, and stay on the chosen course. Let your partner know about your position, that you know their value and what they see relationships. Remember that habit is a powerful thing and largely depends on you, whether justified your expectations.
Man must clearly understand that you are not happy in the relationship and what you want from him. Otherwise, the separation will not give you anything, even if you get back together. Let him know what actions and behavior it is required that your Union was harmonious.
Useful advice
Partner to appreciate you, be confident, love yourself and engage in self-development. Let him know that you have a full and vibrant life.

Advice 2 : How to get a guy, if he has a girlfriend

You recently broke up, but he already has a new girlfriend. And when you see them together, break your heart, because you realized that you still love him. Lately your thoughts are only about how to get it back. How to return guy, if he has a girlfriend?
Become better at everything his new girlfriend!
Analyze your relationship if the reason for your breakup was you, you have on yourself to work hard. Maybe it was your jealousy and mistrust? No surprise, then, that your guy is tired from the everlasting suspicion and chicanery, and found a more relaxed and confident girl who is not satisfied with the trivia scene. Increase your self-esteem and confidence in their own irresistibility. Confident girls have a special look and a special gait — become like this, and let him see how you've changed.
Try more of caught your ex eye, and preferably in "your" places — in the Park where you first kissed, the cafe where you went to dinner on the weekends. When your "random" meetings all around must remind him of the happy moments spent with you. Of course, you have to be "in full dress". It would be better if you change your image, perhaps even radically, to give him the illusion that he doesn't know yet. You must again become for him a mystery that he wanted you to solve.
Find out about the new girl your guy the best I can. Where she lives, learns or works, what motivates and where it goes. You should all be above her head and to always be a step ahead. She goes in for sports professionally? And you learn some new fashionable sports game, for example — floorball. Will do well at the competition and don't forget to invite to the match of his boyfriend with his new girlfriend she jealous.
Invite him to a meeting and openly admit that you still love him, but don't say that you want to bring back, say, "let's start again!"

Advice 3 : As a return man

Parting with a loved one is a great shock for women. But that's no reason to be upset. Maybe you can still return it. After all, if the man loved you once, he can play you a second time.
As a return man
You should not run for loved ones and begging for return. You stronger you will push it. Wait for the moment when the man would get bored or grow out of you. This is a good time to spend on it to calm down, unwind and change something in yourself. You have changed not only externally but also internally.
Find out where is gone the guy in the void or to another woman. It is important to have a realistic picture of the situation, as this will depend on the way the young person has returned.
The man ended the relationship with you and went nowhere. In this case, you will be harder to return it. A man chooses solitude only when a woman taken out of him, and carry the negative experiences. Remember that it is not satisfied partner in your Alliance. This will help you to eliminate irritants and return man.
If favorite found another woman, try to understand that it was hooked. Most likely, a new partner was that the man couldn't find you. Finding what he lacked in your relationship and develop these qualities, you will be able to return a loved one. Unobtrusive show the man that you are better rivals that you have changed, but the annoying qualities is no more.
If you have realized your mistakes, changed and forgiven beloved, find an excuse to meet him. Be patient. Don't insist on anything. Remember that the goal of your first meeting – reconciliation. Give the man a chance to speak. It is important to resist the temptation to turn reconciliation in the exchange of claims and another showdown.
Search for common topics of conversation that do not have sharp corners. Communicate with him as if he stood between you is no longer an issue. Near you man must be nice and easy. Imagine you just met him and are in the initial phase of the future of the novel.
Remember what you could be interested in a man last time. Start over, glubyte it again. Young people need to understand that parting with you was a mistake.
Don't be Intrusive. Do not beg him a new appointment – it will only alienate the man. Don't be dependent on him. Let the beloved sees that you can live independently, but feelings for him is your conscious choice.
To win a man, become for him a mystery. If he sees you as a woman, unknown to him before, he'll be interested.
You got it, and loved back. Most importantly now, to the reason for your breakup no longer occurs in relationships. As soon as the man will notice this annoying factor, it will go again. Re-return it will be even harder. Be smarter and try to extinguish the problem at a very early stage.
Do not attempt to return the old relationship. Your novel should begin with a clean slate, as if nothing had happened – no living together, no fights, no breakups. Only completely changed appearance, changing the course of his thoughts and behaviors, you will be able to return the man she loved.

Advice 4 : How to return a loved one after an argument

A quarrel is an integral part of a relationship. And well, if partners are working on addressing the causes of scandals and partings. Namely, it is worth considering them before returning beloved.
How to return a loved one after an argument
Why the altercation that led to the fact that a loved one is gone? What you said or did is so serious that the only solution was to drop everything and leave. Think about it. Indeed, it may be that the quarrel was provoked by man for the sake of the gap. In this case, you should not rush to return it, take time out and think over the situation.
If you really offended your loved one, so much so that he found the strength to stay, try to start to calm down. It is not necessary to take any action on a hot head. Allow time to cool yourself and him. Then send your beloved a message asking to meet and talk. If it does not respond - so not ready for communication wait. Later write another SMS. Don't forget to tell that you regret the quarrel, regret their actions and very much in love. Ask him for forgiveness. After this message a loving partner will not refuse the meeting.
In conversation with loved ones first admit his guilt. Tell me you did not think your words or actions will produce such an effect. Apply women's the trick, pretend you don't remember exactly what was the conversation. A loving man who wants to returnXia, remember about the conflict. It is enough that you repent. And promise not to do it again, and next time think before you say something to your partner.
After a Frank conversation will seal the truce with a delicious dinner. A little alcohol will not hurt. This will help you to relax and forget about the conflict. Just not find out what started it all. Otherwise, resentment can arise again. Speak on abstract themes, and surround the loved one with attention and care. And if after the conversation he still had doubts about your sincere repentance, after a romantic dinner, they will completely evaporate.

Advice 5 : Whether to communicate with her ex-husband

When you love, it seems that with this man we live together to a ripe old age. But, unfortunately, not all dreams come true. People break up and loved once husband becomes ex. But will he be a stranger, a stranger or remain other – depends on many factors.
Whether to communicate with her ex-husband
Whether to continue communication with her ex-husband, or completely erase from his life – to resolve this issue, every woman should own. First and foremost it depends on what sense is she's the man. They are very subjective, it is sometimes difficult to explain to others, and whether it is necessary? In the end, the family decide the case only husband and wife, even if they break up.
And you can still trace a few of the typical situations in which the costs to continue the dialogue with the ex-spouse, or, conversely, not to do it in any case.

When it is necessary to continue the dialogue

The first and most compelling reason to continue communication with her ex-husband are children. For a child valuable both parents, he needs dad and mom. And educate him to be responsible for his life, health and development, parents should equally, regardless of whether they live together or apart.

Even if after a divorce the spouses think that they were completely strangers, they will have to work together to solve the issues related to education, training, financial support of the child. And if they learn to do it in a calm, business-like, without quarrels and scandals – and they will win, and, most importantly, their children.

It also happens that people break up but continue to be friends. Yes, the family did not, and the reasons for this may be as much as necessary. But the attitude to each other, the former husband and wife remained generally positive. Why not continue the communication, not as spouses but as friends or good friends? After all lived together for years together two people, why tear this relationship to end?

When to stop communicating

And yet, often, or divorce, spouses no longer wish to have each other nothing to do. Most often it happens in the following three situations.

If a man left the family, and the woman continues to love it and suffers from it, then it's probably best not to torment itself and to cease communication, at least for a while. It is not necessary to reopen a fresh wound, and to live with the memories and regrets. The less new life will be the woman reason to remember the tragedy, the easier it will be able to recover and move on.

If a strong resentment, anger for her ex-husband, communication should also be minimized, at least for a period of time until the passions subside. Perhaps reassured, the couple will be able to more constructively resolve property, financial and other issues associated with divorce. Even if you have a trial, better if it will be in a relaxed business atmosphere.

And the biggest reason to end any relationship with her ex-husband – if he has done something that in the minds of women are not compatible with the image of a man. And let people think that this act can be forgiven, the behavior of a spouse can be justified. If internally a woman can't do – further communication with her ex-husband for her becomes impossible and even dangerous. It is able to disturb her peace of mind, and in some cases may actually threaten the lives and welfare of her children.
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