Most men are capable of compassion and forgiveness, they can forgive infidelity, but for this they need a really good reason. Not even worth thinking about how to bargain with my husband, promising him concessions or more attention. Of course, you have to compromise, to soften his pain and anger, but first need to ask forgiveness. And this must be done sincerely and humbly. Do not attempt at this point to accuse him of past actions, not make excuses, don't tell him that your cheating was the result of some of his deeds does not require him changes. It is fundamentally wrong. Try to speak from the heart, calmly and without strain. Don't try to beg and beg for forgiveness because it will not lead to anything good. Remember that you have a chance to ask forgiveness even after a heated argument, but don't expect that in this case everything goes smoothly. Be prepared for a long conversation.
All those promises that you are willing to give your husband must fulfill. Otherwise not be able to preserve the remnants of trust in your relationship. Stop communicating with the man that you have changed husband. Minimize contact with other men in order not to cause jealousy, alas, is justified on the part of the husband. Consider what concessions you are willing to go to regain the trust of her husband.
The main thing — do not expect quick responses. The offense needs time to subside. If you know your husband, give him the necessary time to recover from the shock. But be prepared that about your betrayal, he will always remember, in any case it will affect your relationship. Note that not every man can survive infidelity of the woman, in some cases, the relationship simply will not work to adjust.
Do not assume that the restoration of relations after such turmoil — is your business. Ask for help from the husband, talk to him, decide how it will look your future life together. Note that if you have to apologize for my mistake over the years, and your husband will remain forever for you in the role of the Prosecutor, the use of such relationships will be. Any big fight will tip the balance between you, because you will remember all the sins. If your husband, your misconduct will be the way to control your life, he should break up, because relationships are built on this principle, can not be saved.