Cheating is not the end. Although cheating has on relationships destructive action, it is possible to survive, even if it takes a lot of time. Infidelity is "curable". Even if it may seem incredible, it is enough only desire of the partners to the relationship functioned and continued after the cheating took place.

Here are the steps which can help you in the event of infidelity on your part:

1. Be honest about the affair. If you lie, and the truth will come to light later, re-built trust will survive another serious blow. Women want to know exactly what happened. If you refuse to answer the questions, thereby only irritate her curiosity and imagination. She would imagine what did not happen. Your partner has the right to honest open conversation.

2. Try to find the reason of your misconduct. If it is the dissatisfaction in one particular area, it's time to start working on bug fixes. However, remember that the desire has to come from both of you.

3. Be prepared for rushes of emotions and affective responses. Realize that your partner has a right to them. Let her Express your feelings, emotions and thoughts.

4. She might want to spend some time apart from you. Let her do it.

5. Ask her what you can do to get her to trust you again. Show her that you are seriously interested in this.