No fortune tellers, clairvoyants, psychics and others. Otherwise, their suffering from betrayal will end up hurt, deceived and robbed. Your soul is now extra excitement to anything.
Remember, time is your best friend. Not in the view that it cures. And that your husband will soon spend on a mistress the entire stock of hormones, and after some time you will see it from a different angle, a sober look. Time will need about 8 months. While flowing these months, we begin the work.
Keep the lines of communication with her husband.
During conversations do not make scandals and hysterics, no matter how much like him about the head vase to break. The calm and poise you now better.
Try with it, or yourself to perform, that your marriage was not so. Where you made mistakes, he always complained and were unhappy. Needless to say, all detected errors must not be repeated?
After reduction in the order of thought was taken for the body. Go to the salon, or use your grandmother's advice. Not need to change radically the appearance. You just have to look well-groomed and attractive woman.
If you find a reason, arrange a dinner invite joint friends, those to him interesting and important. And, of course, the wife. No errors, everything must be perfect. Dishes tried-and-true, the talk, interesting to all. And a good mood.
Our goal is to create the perfect little world where I want to be. For this you need to provide comfort during his arrival: clean and tidy, warm welcome, without of puppy enthusiasm, and a sense of dignity, caring, attentive, able to listen and lift the spirits, sometimes dinner with friends with a lot of positive impressions.
Now off for a couple of weeks. Go relax somewhere in a remote village, the sea or a tour of Europe. You decide, the main thing that the husband lost sight of. Lost you for a while, he realizes the important place in your life and in your heart, that is allotted to you.
At the expiration of Hobbies he would have to make a choice where to stay. On your side the experience and knowledge of its habits. If everything is correct, and the desired level of comfort and nostalgia achieved, he does not want to lose this hanging, woven your efforts.