Frankly talk to the husband to vychladnout negative emotions. But the conversation must be very honest and forthright. He must ask your forgiveness, otherwise the further joint life will not develop.
Chat with a friend, family man. You can go to a psychologist. Most importantly, do not hold a grudge and tell about their feelings.
Analyze with your chosen family relationships, find out what could lead to infidelity. Because of the reasons that can push to it, there may be several. Ask what the spouse does not suit you. Try to listen and understand the partner, then you will begin to trust each other.
Spend more time with his half. Journey together, a candlelight dinner – this will help a little to forget the unpleasant history of his infidelity and establish a loving relationship. Because to combat the negative emotions best through positive.
Try to forget his resentment and extract a good lesson from this situation. Try to use difficult circumstances to re-evaluate their views on marriage. But don't justify the betrayal of her husband. Think about whether what happened and your guilt.
Leave the past behind, because it died and did not rise again. Your life depends on your decision. Start building a new relationship with a husband after infidelity enjoy them.
Stop making yourself the victim. Of course, you are uncomfortable and painful, but sympathize with yourself is not the answer, if you want to establish a relationship with your spouse.
Don't blame anyone. So, after the betrayal of her husband you want to swear, break dishes. Maybe this will bring some small relief, but is unlikely to contribute to the strengthening of your trust relationship. Or spouse just leaves. So the best option is to hold back your pride. Don't forget that you have agreed to, first of all, consciously.