Each deceived wife decides this question in their own way, depending on many factors: the depth and sincerity of the feelings to the husband, character, temperament, vaccinated norms and attitudes (including religious), material status, presence and age of children, etc. In most cases, she forgives her husband. But how do you? As to believe her husband after infidelity?
Remember the words of the great sage Confucius: "a Strong and smart person blames for their problems and failures on himself, weak and stupid – others." It's so easy to shift the blame for her husband's infidelity on the treacherous "temptress"! Much harder and more painful to admit: if the husband became interested in "jailbait", if you found something than can not boast of you to blame for this, first of all, you.
If you are unable to restore trust in the relationship, and constantly repeat to yourself: "I suspect her husband of infidelity, then subconsciously admit their own inadequacy, his inability to be his most beloved, the most desirable and attractive!" But once the husband loved you alone. Once, there was no other women. Bring back love and passion in your power.
Do not spare yourself and do not give the following arguments: "Before, we were younger and prettier, and now, after the birth of children, after all those household chores, where we compete in attractiveness with the young damsels!" Fold these thoughts, because, to put it mildly, a weak argument. First, in any case you should take care of yourself and maintain your beauty and feminine allure. Second, for many men are more valuable than good nature wife, a comfortable, cozy atmosphere in the house created it, rather than external data.
Firmly remember, the more willing the husband returns home, the less chance that it will pull to the side." So you need to make every effort to have the house became her husband's a really warm, cosy and friendly. Then thought about the possible infidelity will no longer come to mind, and confidence in her husband will return.