It is not always possible, but first, you better be sure that your feelings are mutual. Because if not, then the person may just hate your recognition. And you will be very sorry to see compassion, indifference or even hostility towards you. So to confess in love is better when you have already started Dating, and before that, just socialize and show signs of attention.
Do not have to speak the banal "I love you". Depending on your imagination, you can think of and more unusual recognition. Of course, it is better to act spontaneously, but if you are confident in your abilities, think about the recognition in advance. Inventing a speech, put yourself in the place of a loved one and imagine your response to such recognition. How would you like it?
In the search for ideas pay attention to the Hobbies of the partner. If he or she, for example, engaged in skydiving, we can say about his loveby jumping together. If this Hobbies you can come up with something unusual, for example, hot air balloon rides, horseback riding or a trip on the ship.
Confessing his love to a girl, don't be afraid to bring in its recognition of friends. For example, invite her to the Park, and at some point start to kiss her. Your friend needs to quickly come up behind her and put your hand on the flower. When you hand it to your girlfriend, she will be pleasantly surprised by your focus, but even more pleasure she will take the words spoken at that moment.
Girls also should not hesitate to confess love first. It is possible that the young man was too timid and just scared to do it myself. But if you still want to first hear pleasant words and then answer them, then you can hint at it. To do this, as often as possible try to show that you are the one he is looking for.