Correctly put it depends primarily from the clarity and sound of the voice. Respiration is a controlled process and requires special training. Speech breathing, in contrast to the physiological, be sure to supervise, especially people whose work is associated with verbal load. Remember that breathing air must through the nose. So, you will prevent the throat from drying out, and the larynx and lungs from dust and bacteria. But long speeches, only nose breathing can not do, because the air intake nose occurs only when large pauses. Therefore avoid short breaths through the mouth. To make them as little as possible, you should train your breathing so that one breath was a long exhale. And since the words are pronounced exactly on the exhale, it is necessary to properly consume the stock of air in speech.
The second component of a properly organized speech – voice. One can often hear complaints that after the speech the voice "sat down", came the hoarse, scratchy throat. To avoid such problems, it is necessary again to learn to breathe correctly, and do not raise your voice, and use for this purpose the amplifiers.
In addition, well-delivered speech is impossible without correct diction. If a person utters words quickly and carelessly, like a tongue Twister, the audience hardly pleasant to listen to such unintelligible speech. One of the main conditions clear diction is a fully open mouth to pronounce the words it is necessary smoothly, without haste.
In addition, the speech the speaker needs to be competent. Correctly put accents in words, combinations of sounds and words that make it clear and easy to read. Therefore, the study of the Russian language, and especially its section – orthoepy, is a prerequisite for the correct formulation of the question.