Use common mechanics "gift with purchase". A small gift will be viewed by your client as thanks for what he has chosen your company, be it a shop, beauty salon, etc. this scheme Works as follows: the customer purchases your product or service and, with it, get something else. Moreover, the gift should not be cheap or useless. Also needs to be a clear relationship between it and the product which you offer.
Thank the customerby giving him a double. For example, if your business is related to beauty, you can offer a second procedure through the cabin. It's a pretty effective way of increasing the loyalty among buyers of goods of mass consumption.
If you specializiruetsya on selling expensive products, like cars, as a thank you can use cash. In fact it will have the same discount, but in the minds of the client will remain the fact that you gave him a gift, thanking thereby for contacting you.
Say "thank you" to their customers by giving them a discount coupon. This practice is now gaining a lot of popularity. It consists in the fact that the buyer purchases a product or service, and will be handed a coupon for a discount he can get for the next purchase. On the one hand, grateful, and with another – attempt to make the client constant.
If you don't want to use gratitude as part of such marketing tactics, you can thank the client personally or in writing. This treatment is acceptable, if your client takes a high position in society or the development of relations with them is extremely important. With the words of gratitude you can give a small gourmet gift.