In order to pass the examination by a mammologist for a start learn, where it takes this specialist. As a rule, mammalogy treats patients in specialized centers or private clinics. Pass the inspection in the clinic by place of residence, but in this case it is important to note that you need a specialist can conduct reception only on certain days.
Having defined with the medical establishment, find his phone number in the directory or on the Internet. Then call the registry and find out all the information you need. Specify what time the doctor accepts, if there is any time for writing. If you arrange everything, call my name, name and patronymic, date of birth and ask the reception team to get you an appointment.
If you wish to contact a specialist breast centre, where you have never been, you may have to advance to drive up there so you could register and then make an appointment. Bring your passport and medical insurance.
In some medical institutions the entry is strictly rationed. To get it, you need to come to the clinic on the day of the alleged visit by the time of its opening, to take place in the registry, then you'll be given a voucher at the reception. In a modern hospital you can sign up through the terminal installed in a medical facility. These registration methods are not very convenient, as the patient is forced to attend additional clinic.
Currently, many medical institutions have their own pages on the Internet. Go to your chosen hospital and see if you can make an appointment remotely. If no electronic record exists, enter in your surname, name, patronymic, number of the policy of obligatory medical insurance in the appropriate boxes, then select the desired physician and a convenient time to visit. When you come for a visit to mammologist, your card will already be at the doctor's office.